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Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~
May 30 @ 10:52pm
Jun 5 @ 7:55pm

Serena, the princess of Brazia kingdom, which does not allow step out of the castle.Through the window is the only way knowing about this world.
One day Brazia kingdom was stricken by the demon legion.But the king was too old to fight this war.
Just at the time, an angel suddenly appeared in front of Serena, Sadi"This world is dying, only the power of Brazia family can defeat the demon, Serena! Please use your power to protect this world!"
Then you gonna play the rest of the part~

The princess of Brazia kingdom.
She is interested in knowing the world. when the legion attacked the kingdom, she chose to protect the world with the angle.Serena doesn't know anything about this world she is naive and easy to full. But there is a strong power of Brazia family hidden inside of her.

An infamous female pirate who is seeking the treasure around the world.
Masculine personality makes the follower worship on her.
She believes the existence of legendary treasure, and this is the true purpose of her.

One of the mage apprentice who lives in the biggest magic city 「Majir」. and has great power in her, friends will be the key to help her figure out how to use it.

You have to face many different situations inside game, and a lot of monsters too.
We drew 41 CG pictures just for the event scenes! This is the biggest volume we have ever do.
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