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Immortal Empire
Sep 2, 2012 @ 12:13pm
Jul 11 @ 11:01am
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Greenlit! Thank you for your support!
Control a party of up to five unique immortals as you quest through Alvedor in this strategic, multiplayer RPG. Enchant powerful items, customize your immortals, and use tactics to defeat your enemies.

This immersive game offers a deep and compelling storyline alongside challenging tactical combat. Play co-op, single player, or versus mode against your friends. Compete on a number of ladder systems in both PvP or PvE.

Immortal Empire's unique gameplay is like a cross-breed between X-Com and Dota. Each immortal wields a different set of powerful spells that, when used together, create interesting synergies that demand ultimate skill in tactics to succeed.

This deep, turn-based gameplay is presented alongside a large, conversation-style storyline arc that has you encountering numerous NPCs, from good, to evil, to humorous. Selecting certain answers during dialog gives unique attributes to your character that cannot be found through regular gameplay.

The multiplayer component allows drop-in 4 player co-op, each player commanding up to five immortals in a party. Want to defeat your friends instead of work together? 1v1 or 2v2 versus mode against live opponents will stretch your strategic skills to the limit. Have no friends? We're sorry to hear that. But it's okay, our automatic matchmaking system will pair you with others of similar skill level so you always have someone to play with. Show off your skills by climbing the ladder system, earning a higher rank than your buddies.

Fans of either strategy games or story-driven RPGs will be pleased with this deep, hybrid gaming experience.

  • Semi-realtime combat system lets co-op partners act simultaneously, keeping gameplay fast, while preserving the tactical elements that turn-based games provide.
  • Old-school, 8-bit graphics will have you swooning with Nostalgia
  • Fully original soundtrack, with many beautifully composed orchestral songs
  • Cross-platform, playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Free, as in no cash moneys are required to play.

Free to Play
So yeah, the game is also free. No energy systems or cash-gouging, you can play the whole game for free. Just some locked stuff for those players who want more from the experience.

Specifically, you can buy certain, equally balanced character classes that are locked to paying customers only, and you can fast-track getting items that you can find through regular play slower. Playing the game also automatically earns the in-game currency.

If you don't like free to play games, there is a package purchase price so you can unlock all the locked content for a single amount. You can also just... send us money (?) if that makes you feel better about the whole thing. We promise to not turn it down and totally love you for it.

Immortal Empire is already playable and can be accessed through our website below. We have been continually updating the game, adding new immortals, quests, and content, and will continue to do so.

By helping us become visible on Steam, Immortal Empire will be visible to a huge community of gamers, on an excellent, established platform. Multiplayer games are far more entertaining when you can play with your friends, and what better service than Steam to ensure this can happen.

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