Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam 3: BFE

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"Undertale" Music + Sounds Pack
Created by ELITE-NICK

This mod replaces (almost) all the sounds and all the music in the game from the game "Undertale" (by Toby Fox)


Thank you for downloading the mod. I'm over it spent ...
Blood & Concrete Kamikazes
Created by noam 2000
Replaces the kamikaze scream with the famous line from the russian "Blood and Concrete"....
Bulletstorm : Energy Leash!
Created by noam 2000
Replaces the sirian bracelet with the energy leash from "Bulletstorm".

Model and textures are from Bulletstorm,I do not take any credit for it....
Damarus! (Player Model)
Created by noam 2000
Adds "Damarus" from Unreal Tournament 2004 as a player model that is useable in MP.

Model,textures and sounds are from "Unreal Tournament 2004",I do not take any credit for them.

Requested by Owlet VII.

Death Machine!
Created by noam 2000
Replaces the Minigun with the "Death Machine" from Call of Duty : Black Ops 2.

Model and Textures are from COD:BO2,Sounds are from TF2,I do not take any credit for them....
DOOM Slayer
Created by kodatarule
The epic DOOM Slayer from DOOM(2016) joins sam's alliance to defeat mental once and for all!
UPDATE 7.12.16:
- New rigging!
- New textures, as in the same ones from the game itself!...
Double Jump
Created by NSKuber
This mod makes it possible to perform double jumps in BFE!
As usual, simply press jump while in the air (when jumping/being thrown by monster/falling) to perform second jump.
Works with player jump sound mod in most cases.

  • This mod work
EDF Soldier! (Player Model)
Created by noam 2000
Oh MAN! I mean,I dont understand any of it,but i bet if i did,that guy over there would still have his arm. and at least one of his balls.

The mod adds in the "EDF Soldier" from Duke Nukem Forever as a MP Player Model.

The model,textures and sounds are f...
Fists for JotN Axe (+Classic Outfit)
Created by Rabbit.ecl
Who needs an axe anyway?
Ever wanted to beat the crap out of your enemies? Actually why am I even asking?
Every slighty seriously serious person has, and now it's here.
Now with 100% more red sneakers!...
Hammer Pistol!
Created by noam 2000
Replaces the Pistol with the "Hammer" Pistol from Crysis 2.

Models,Textures and Sounds are from Crysis 2,I do not take any credit for them.

Custom Animations by Rabbit!...
Modified Shotgun
Created by Rabbit.ecl
Well, if you couldn't already tell from the title, This is indeed the shotgun
with some modifications.

What's new:
-Shorter under-barrel thingy
-Flipped the main body around
-New animations...
More Green Lasergun
Changes the base texture of the lasergun to be a lot more green, even changing the glowing red lights to a green color. Simple, yet appealing mod.

Sounds, projectiles, or anything else other than the base texture were not changed....
UT3 Rocket Launcher!
Created by noam 2000
Replaces the Rocket Launcher with the Rocket Launcher from Unreal Tournament 3.

Models,textures and sounds are from UT3,I do not take any credit for them....
Undertale Game Over Sound
Created by ELITE-NICK
This mod replaces the death of the original sound to the music from the game "Undertale" (by Toby Fox)


This version of the mod - V1.1

View a list of changes you can on Steam tab "Changelog".

Download ano...
Titanfall Longbow DMR (Assault-Rifle Replacement)
Created by noam 2000
Replaces the Assault-Rifle weapon with the Longbow DMR Sniper from Titanfall.

I know its a Sniper but i wanted to replace it with the Assault Rifle,dont kill me :P

Model,Textures and Sounds are from "Titanfall",I do not take any credit for them.

Custom ...
SS3:BFE Auto Shotgun Graffiti Camo v.1.0
Created by DqpDragon
Ha ha! Another Graffiti Camo Weapon!!! It's last... I promise! D:...
Rorsch MK1 from Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC
Created by UrbanDeHuman

This mod is a conversion of Rorsch MK1 (or X1) railgun from Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC.

Credits goes to:
Model - DICE
Sounds - DICE

Animations, effects and weapon icon were made by me.
Little note: the video is outdated.
Rocket Jumping
Created by NSKuber
This mod enables (well, imitates) rocket jumping that was present in previous Serious Sam games but was removed in BFE.

Works both in Singleplayer and in Multiplayer. There are few things to note about Multiplayer though:
  • Rocket jumping works o
Republic Commando
Created by SeriousAlexej
Player models from Star Wars: Republic Commando with new sounds.
8 different skins (+2 for TDM):
-Delta 07 (on the preview)
-Delta 38
-Delta 40
-Delta 62
-Multiplayer skin A
-Multiplayer skin B
-Multiplayer skin C
-Multiplayer skin D
-Plain white skin...
New Devastator Animations V2
Created by Rabbit.ecl
New Devastator Animations V2, that's all you need to know about this really.

Feel free to use these animations in your mods, as long as you give me credit of course...
No Reload Mod (Not including Pistol)
Created by Biomechanoid
What this mod does is that it makes you no longer have to reload the Single Shotgun, Assault Rifle and the Devastator. However, this mod does not affect the pistol....