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Snails is available on Steam! (finally)
Snails has been greenlit!!
Release date: May 2015
They are slow and dumb, and they sure need you!
Available on Windows Phone now!

Snails is a 2D platformer/puzzle game where the main objective is to help the snails reach the level exit. There are other game modes, which include the Exterminator, the Snail King and Time Attack.

Side note: This game isn't a Lemmings clone, at first you may think it is. The game is in fact based on that awsome game from the 90s which we loved back in the days but the game plays quite differently.

That said, some info about the game follows:

There are 4 different game modes: The Escort, in which the player needs to take the snails to the exit. The Exterminator, in which the player has to kill all the snails. The Snail King, in which there’s a special snail, The King, that the player has to take to the exit and must be kept alive. Finally, Time Attack, in which the player has to take the snails to the exit within the time limit.

There are multiple ways to finish the levels and some ways are better than others. The player is awarded with 3 types of medals depending on the score : Gold, Silver and Bronze. The score depends on the time taken, the number of snails escorted and the coins collected.

Don't let the art deceive you. Snails is suited for both casual and experienced players. The levels included in the beta version range from easy to hard.

  • 84 Levels
  • 4 Themes
  • Achievements (private to the game, not XBox Live Achievements)
  • Replayability, same levels play in different ways
  • Lots of fun

Other info
  • Platforms
    Windows XP/7, Win8, MacOS

  • Other platforms not directly related to Steam
    Windows Phone (already available), iOS, Android

  • About the demo
    The game is still in development, we think we are 4 months away from completion. The demo is about 3 months old. A lot of features, and visual improvements have been added in the meantime.
    The sounds are almost all just proxies, and will be entirely remade.
    You can download the demo from

  • Snails on the Web
    Homepage - - we're currently working on a new website
    Facebook -
    Twitter -

  • Contests and prizes
    -Best Game, Best Graphics and Best Gameplay at Portugal Indie Games
    -Finalist on both XBox360 and Windows Phone on this years Dream.Build.Play competition
    -Winner in Microsoft Pizza Night contest in the Windows Phone category
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I love snails <3 :D
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cute, realy cute
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recuerda a mario jaja buen juego
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Lemmings returns!
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Nifty graphics--reminiscent of Scribblenauts