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Moon Colony Secunda
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Moon Colony Secunda

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Nirn Wars: an Epic Skyrim Adventure
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Moon Colony Secunda
A Skyrim Mod by: M7
(Dragonborn, & Dawnguard DLC
are required)
On the surface of Skyrim, air is plentiful. But, up on the Moon of Secunda, you have to wear Oxygen Helmets made from local Moonstone Ore just to breathe. But that's not all. A city was designed but was never finished. It seems the resident Alien Frost Trolls took over and have claimed it as their own. Moonstone Ore also allows construction of special arrows and armor, ideal for target practice in Troll City. There are 9 Alien Frost Trolls who respawn.

The Moon Colony has Colonist Miners who sleep in Apartments at night, eat at a local Bar in the morning, and work in the Mines. Two possible companions reside in the Moon Inn. There are a few stores in the Colony: a Bar, an Inn, clothing store, The Pickaxe store, Moon supply store, Apartments for the colonists, the Mines, and an anvil with Smelter outside the Mines. Entrance is from a portal at Fort Dawnguard Castle. (COC Base01).

The Mod is Navmeshed for NPC movement, and is surrounded by Volcanic Water using Height Mapping. Safe Storage Crates are available in the Mines and in other areas. You can sleep in the working (Functional) Inn. You can build (Ebony) Moonstone Armor with Marksman enchanting, Moonstone Arrows with explosive power, Moonstone Oxygen Helmets, and a Moonstone (Ebony) Bow at the Forge/anvil. A book is also available in the Inn. Make sure both DLC are working before playing this mod.

M7 2017. Help Support Modders by donations on M7 Profile Page. Thank you.

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freedomzealotsgb Sep 20 @ 10:33pm 
Interesting idea, I hope you keep going with it. For instance, wouldn't such an operation be considered sacreligious by the Khajiit? Has alot of room for story expansion.
resquart Jun 23 @ 5:49pm 
Really cool
Campreed May 30 @ 11:25pm 
Heya, might be something i missed but, i cant seem to track down the entrance. Any ideas?