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Sep 1, 2012 @ 8:29am
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Nikolai is a Nord Combat Warrior who prefers 2-handed weapons, specifically battle axes. He is marriageable and can not be killed. Nikolai will level with the player character up to level 80 (his minimum level is 10). He likes to hang out at the Honningbrew Meadery just outside of Whiterun.

I've removed the invisible bow and arrows, so he'll use whichever bow you give him to pelt those pesky flying dragons. There's no quest to gain his allegiance and he doesn't want your gold, just tell him you need his help and he's yours.

I have two mods installed in my game that enhance character faces, but only one of them affects male characters. If you want Nikolai to look like the screenshot, you'll need this mod, which can be found on the Steam Workshop:

XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement by Xenius

I hope he's as merciless in your game as he is in mine!

Please note: If you have the Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod, you will need to make sure my followers load before the Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod in your data files. This may be true for any follower overhaul mod. Although my character mods are very basic, not all mods are compatible with each other. If you run into a situation where my character mod isn't operating properly, try re-ordering your mods in the data files, especially the ones that alter followers. If that fails, disable all mods that alter followers, enter the game, save and then exit. Then, re-enable one mod at a time until you find the conflict. You can then set my mod to load either before or after that mod. If it still doesn't work then, it's most likely a conflict that can not be resolved between the two mods and you'll need to unsub to one of them.

**Please remember to dismiss any modded follower before unsubbing or the game will continue to behave as if you have the follower. If that happens, you can reset the follower count in your game by bringing up the console by pressing the tilde (~) key while in the game, then type:

set playerfollowercount to 0

Then press Enter, then press the tilde key again to close the console. You should be able to recruit another follower as that command tells the game you have zero followers.
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Jelloshot  [author] Jul 17 @ 6:01pm 
He has one of the default voices.
Fyrewound Jul 17 @ 11:32am 
Is this follower voice acted?
-=(ESO)=- Endernik May 31 @ 5:13am 
This mod i must get! My real name is Nikolai and i like having me follow me.
pierrerichardot May 29 @ 7:58am 
je ne trouve pas ce magnifique compagnon meme en tapant la ligne de commande (error)
pouvez vous m'indiquer ou il se trouve, le non de la ville et le batiment.
merci d'avance
Jelloshot  [author] May 16 @ 5:43pm 
Thank you :D
ToolPackinMama May 16 @ 3:32pm 
I have tried several of your followers and they are all just fantastic.
ToolPackinMama Apr 30 @ 8:52pm 
Yeah I like this guy.
gigi Apr 19 @ 12:44pm 
He is great. There are lots of nice female followers but I could not find a single decent looking male. I think this is the only mod for that. (after all, if I plan to maybe marry the guy he has to be decent looking lol. ) Thx
viktoria.yatsenko Jan 14 @ 9:07pm 
Katie/// copy " XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement" text then go back to workshop... and then paste it in search box on the right side of the list. There you will find alist of mods that use that mod and down there is XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement that you need. :D
Katie Jan 8 @ 6:49am 
I've been searching for the Xenius mod that it says I need in the description--but I can't find it anywhere. I'm very new to Skyrim (got it over the holiday sale)--is there anyone who can give me a link to this Xenius mod?