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The Friendship Destroyer 1
Try to solve this level while being separated. This level will test your level of friendship between you and your friend. We will see if your friendship is tough.

Expect some rude words towards your vocal chat. Like "OMG", "IT WAS YOUR TURN", "WAIT FOR ME", "WHY DID YOU COME INTO MY PART", "I WILL NEVER PLAY WITH YOU AGAIN", "DO THIS, FOR FAKK'S SAKE".
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Cakan Yusuf Dec 6, 2013 @ 4:53am 
jesus this puzzle had us stumped for over an hour. never again, 5/5 though. We said: OMG and WHY DID YOU COME INTO MY PART. THANKS FOR KILLING MY FRIENDCHIPS!!!11! I Sequel plz. Also as a side not, the there is an exploit in the room with the speed goo that allows them to enter the end area from the hall with the sentries but not get back, ruining the puzzle as they cant help their partner through. (This is what destroyed our friendship)