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Animated Synthetics Portraits - Expanded
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Animated Synthetics Portraits - Expanded

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-The mod now has two separate "species_classes" containing the same portraits: Bio-synthetics and Synthetics. The former is available to everybody, the latter only to users who own the Synthetic Dawn DLC. Choosing a portrait from the Bio-synthetics class allows you to create an Ascended Synthetic Empire (traits will be changed on gamestart as in the previous version), whereas choosing a portrait from the Synthetic class will allow you to pick the traits and government forms of the Synthetic Dawn DLC.

-Synthetic Dawn portraits are now set as the default "Droid" portraits when using this mod. This means that you will have the two base robot portraits (bipedal/monstrous) for the first stage, switch to the DLC portraits when upgrading them to Droids, and then switch to my Synthetic portraits when upgrading them to Synthetics. If you don't own the Synthetic Dawn DLC, nothing has changed from the previous version (although now the glitch of pre-existing droids not correctly upgrading to synths should be fixed).

-Just like in the previous version, the player is prompted to choose which portrait to pick when undergoing Synthetic Ascension, with the difference that now you will be able to pick both from my portraits and the Synthetic Dawn ones (provided that you own the DLC).

-Modifications and templates on both droids and ascended organics are available just as in vanilla, but with the added portraits as available options to pick when creating or modifying new models.


Custom Empire 2
Synthetic Dawn users will now have a second Synthetic Empire available to choose as start, the Neo-Cortex Flagellators, a machine consciousness/assimilators. Set to spawn as AI sometimes.

This mod is NOT compatible with Animated Synthetic Portraits, you can be subscribed to both, but start your game with only ONE of them activated, or you will have graphical oddities.
On the other hand, this mod IS compatible with all my other mods, both Animated portraits and dimorphism ones.
I've tried to make this mod as compatible as possible, but I had to override a couple of vanilla files to make it work, so there are likely to be conflicts with any other mods that modify the following files:


If you're looking for a lighter version of this mod that does not affect any vanilla files, I suggest you to subscribe to my Animated Synthetic Portraits mod, which is a purely graphical tweak.

Sorry, while I will keep this mod updated for vanilla (as I do for all my mods), I'm prehemptively saying that I will not create patches to make it compatible with other popular mods (if it isn't compatible in the first place, which I do not know at the moment.)
I will say though that I've scripted this mod to set up a global flag (extended_synths_on) for any game started with it active, which should make it easier for other modders to easily write their code around it (creating "if" alternatives to take in consideration whether my mod is active or not) without the need to create alternative versions.

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Rord64 Nov 19 @ 4:03pm 
Reiterating what somebody else had said, factions are currently not working when using Bio-Synthetic portraits. This can be fixed by save editing but it would be nice if the mod didn'd disable them.
Sjru Nov 19 @ 9:10am 
It shows uptodate, but it does not work properly.
essi2 Nov 19 @ 12:03am 
The mod is up to date, if it is showing up as outdated you need to clear your \mod folder and let the game refetch the mod files.
Sjru Nov 18 @ 4:34pm 
Yeah I can't also seem to build templates, seems the mod is outdated and not compatible with the latest patch.
Already singled the mod out. Can it be fixed?
Conchodebar Nov 18 @ 4:06am 
Is there any way I can build pops from templates? I've wanted to use this mod for a long time but whenever I try I'm only able to build a default robot/droid/synth and then modify them afterwards. This is just really annoying and makes modding them basically useless earlier on in the game as it takes so long and haults engineering research.
silfae  [author] Nov 12 @ 10:22pm 
If you want to add me it's fine.
Cuppycake Nov 12 @ 8:22pm 
Hi is there anyway I could possibly get in contact with you? I'd add you on steam but I feel that would be rude to randomly just send you an invite.
elround4 Nov 6 @ 7:46pm 
It seems that the options that this mod gives while attaining synthetic evolution/ascension has ceased functioning. Furthermore, the pops become robotic instead of synthetic and cannot be modified. Do you, or anyone else, have an idea of how this might be fixed?
Feergon Nov 6 @ 12:37pm 
Maybe i do something wrong, but i don't know, what exactly.
This bug appeared suddenly, i tried to edit mod files, but it didn't help.
Screenshot for my human empire with synthetics, but without any ascensions: Screenshot []
Palpatine Nov 5 @ 8:27am 
One of the Synth portaits that I wanted to use wasnt in the normal Synthetic Portaits