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Lost Colors
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Sep 1, 2012 @ 2:30am
Jan 22, 2015 @ 7:08pm
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You think that you know all there is to know about mysterious worlds? We will tell you their story in a new way.

In a distant, mysterious world, there lived unusual inhabitants–creatures who wake up every morning and fill the world with smiles and joy, the reason the world is illuminated with bright colors. One day, the cities of this world began to lose their colors, because some dark force stole the paint from the good inhabitants, who fell asleep and couldn’t give the world a colorful smile any longer.

Help the monsters wake up, paint them.

Pluck living plant-machines from the bushes, move them to the flow of paint, turn yourself so that you can correctly build up the direction of the flow of paint toward the monsters. Build a chain of paint flows through the crystals, which you will need in order to begin to paint the residents of the next city.

Lost Colors will fascinate you:
* One world, three cities (City of Mushrooms, City of Thorns, City of Trees), 60 unique levels.
* A variety of interactive elements: guns, mixers, fans, accelerators…
* A fascinating visual style that will captivate you from the first minute – an originally created world.
* An atmospheric soundtrack, unique for each world, which will wrap you in mysterious warmth.

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