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Aetia - Follower
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Aug 31, 2012 @ 7:20pm
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Aetia is an Imperial Ranger, is marriageable, can not be killed and will level with the player character. Her minimum level is 10 and maximum is 80. She can be found in Riverwood near the Riverwood Trader. I have removed the invisible bow and arrows, so she'll use whichever bow you give her. She has a few items in her inventory which might come in handy. There's no quest to gain her allegiance and she doesn't want your gold, just tell her you need her help and she's yours.

I have two mods installed in my game that enhance character faces. If you want Aetia to look like the screenshot, you'll need those mods. Both mods can be found on the Steam Workshop:

Luscious Faces by dretmo
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement by Xenius

I hope she's as much fun in your game as she is in mine!

Please note: If you have the Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod, you will need to make sure my followers load before the Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod in your data files. This may be true for any follower overhaul mod. Although my character mods are very basic, not all mods are compatible with each other. If you run into a situation where my character mod isn't operating properly, try re-ordering your mods in the data files, especially the ones that alter followers. If that fails, disable all mods that alter followers, enter the game, save and then exit. Then, re-enable one mod at a time until you find the conflict. You can then set my mod to load either before or after that mod. If it still doesn't work then, it's most likely a conflict that can not be resolved between the two mods and you'll need to unsub to one of them.

**Please remember to dismiss any modded follower before unsubbing or the game will continue to behave as if you have the follower. If that happens, you can reset the follower count in your game by bringing up the console by pressing the tilde (~) key while in the game, then type:

set playerfollowercount to 0

Then press Enter, then press the tilde key again to close the console. You should be able to recruit another follower as that command tells the game you have zero followers.

If you like Aetia, check out my workshop. I have several other followers just waiting for a new adventure.
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Gioactore Dec 15 @ 8:10am 
Nice Follower =)
How to marry her?
How to matty her?
Belhedler Nov 29 @ 2:42am 
I would say this collides with Dagmar follower (Minotaur race) as Dagmar usually is not there. Aetia is there every time and the unlimited underwater stuff she carries in double makes it worth by itself. Good specialized equipment for starter.
valerii1959ijunj Nov 26 @ 9:51am 
Всё класно, раздражает одно- постоянное её подкашливание как у туберкулёзника. Как убрать у неё это постоянное подкашливание???
Der Klemm Meister Sep 21 @ 6:43pm 
married her, cant find her. I have only one house (whiterun) and she is not there Any suggestions? Thanks
tasos_borges Sep 14 @ 6:01am 
hello friend.It s necessary to have one for your two modes if i want the model in my game look like in you screeshots,but where can i find those modes?There is in steam,because i search everywhere and i cant find anything.Also i need the two aformentioned modes if i want to have the same face or if i want the same face and armour?
Spleenmaster Aug 26 @ 6:54pm 
wedded, invited to follow, then dismissed, now I can't find her. How do I get her back?
Sacred Myths Aug 6 @ 4:05pm 
I still use this till this day and it's good :p
♥ ↪Rikss↩ ♥ Jul 19 @ 10:11am 
Where is Follower ?