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The Tunnelton Early Day Shift (part 1}

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The Tunnelton Early Day Shift (part 1}

You have just booked on duty for the Early Day Shift, your engine is the 2-8-0 Consolodation recently purchased from the Atchison Topeka Railroad.

There is a consist of empty Coal Hoppers and some Loaded Flats, Tankers and Boxcars waiting on one of the Transfer Tracks for you to sort out and deliver to various sidings.

Your Fireman is checking over the loco and your Brakeman for the day is looking over the switching orders.

This scenario is about 40 minutes long.

To run the scenario you will need the
"B+O Kingwood Branch"
and the
"AT+N 2-8-0 Consolodation" {The HUD version}

All the facing points are preset for your first movement through them.

You will get a message at the start saying there is a problem with the scenario, that there is an obstruction.
There is not.
Just press "F2, then Enter" and the scenario will start.
I have completed the scenario several times with no issues.
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RolandBP  [author] Jun 18 @ 10:30pm 
musical_pete. Hi, with regards to the turntable, do you use "G" or "shift G" to turn it?
I have found that far more successful than using the LM button.
With regards to not being able to couple to the consist, was your first contact quite slow, say 1 - 2 mph?
I have found quite often, if you hit much faster the coupling fails to work and you need to do a save and restart. Saying that I also found it pays to move some short distance away from the coupling position or wagons can litterally fly off the track.
musical_pete Jun 18 @ 4:49pm 
Managed to solve the turntable issue by rotating while in overhead view (7) but after a lot of shunting couldn't couple the tender to a consist. Gotta love TS....!
musical_pete Jun 18 @ 3:00pm 
Unplayable for me. Good old TS bug derailing locos on turntables, in either direction.
RolandBP  [author] May 27 @ 1:43am 
Hi Cobber, thanks for that. Part 3 is the slowest I have ever driven and I'm having to rework Part 4, so it can be achieved. Eeek.
TrolleyFodder May 27 @ 12:31am 
I Just finished this scenario, and I gotta say, very well done :) looking forward to playing the others!