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Escape: Sierra Leone
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 2:43pm
Jul 18 @ 7:54pm
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Release date: Q4, 2014
Escape: Sierra Leone is an exploration and survival game created with the CryEngine 3. You're dropped in an open world, based loosely on the real life Banana Islands, about 20 square kilometers in size. Your only goal is to survive and escape the island. You start with no weapons, no supplies, no idea of where to go. Finding these things is totally up to the player.

Key Features:
-Scavenge the entire island for supplies you need to survive, from a banana to an AK-47. No invisible walls or extra loading screens.
-Engage in vicious and realistic combat... or don't, if you're a sneaky type.
-Using a simple and intuitive 4 slot inventory system, make the hard call which items to keep on you based on your play style.
-Death comes in more forms than bullets, avoid disease, dehydration, starvation, car crashes, wildlife, and of course falls.
-24 hour day/night cycle with a weather system that includes rain of varying strengths, wind, lightning and thunder.
-Discover and protect safehouses, they are your only chance to save your game and serve as a good spot to stockpile supplies.
-Find, fix up and fuel different kinds of vehicles, from a diesel powered mini tugboat to a gas powered beater of a car, walking won't get you anywhere fast!
-Interact with the environment, from turning a lamp on or off, to cooking food on a campfire you built, there are many ways you are involved in the dynamic world around you.
-Get lost (literally) in the thick jungle, or stroll around the more open savannah.
-Explore an unforgiving, although deceptively pretty island. This isn't like Far Cry, you will die... a lot.
-A semi-random spawning system keeps enemy and pickup placement fresh on multiple play-throughs, while keeping loot logical given it's location.
-No hand-holding or magical maps or arrows to push you to success, it's all you!
-Very limited HUD and a focus on immersion and realism.

Your main goal is survival. As a human, you need to eat, drink, and sleep. And that's just to get by day to day. You also may have to deal with the local RUF rebels, animals that also need to eat, and various other hazards you must try to overcome or avoid as you try to formulate a way off the island.

A large focus is placed on interacting with and exploring your environment. Everything from an empty wine bottle to a flashlight to a car can come in handy on the island in a certain scenario. However, since you're limited to 1 slot for small items (such as a pill bottle), 2 midsize slots (such as a handgun or a water bottle), and 1 large slot (such as an AK-47 or gas can), you must make the decision about whether you want to be combat oriented, resource focused, or balanced between the two. A simplistic crafting system allows you to craft simple things such as molotov cocktails or IEDs and to refill water bottles from water sources.

The gameplay is from a first-person perspective, and guns are involved, although I'm hesitant to call it a first person shooter. There will be a basic inventory system and you can collect guns, food, and other items as you play. Your inventory is designed in such a way that you will need to decide between weapons and useable items. Combat will be semi-realistic and very brutal. Firefights take place at ranges of up to 400 meters, and one shot can easily kill you or other characters. Tactical players may avoid combat altogether.

The gameplay and style are going to be based loosely off of my mod Escape: Paradise for Crysis 1, you can check that out here, if you wish:

The goal right now is to get a public alpha build out sometime in late July or early August. The alpha build will be free to play (although limited in size), and I'll be taking in feedback regarding bugs and suggestions for improvements too. It's quite likely the beta version will be sold for around $10 (early access), as the plan is to move this project into a commercial state at some point in order to fund improvements. Currently the list of assets is quite small (especially in the weapons and vehicles departments, as these are the hardest and most expensive objects to make). As the project grows, so will the selections of assets and gameplay features. The first step is for me to see if there is significant interest for what I have so far. If you think you'd be interested, I'd appreciate the vote, along with any constructive comments you may have. Thank you for your time, and a quick list of where I'm at with the project is below.

Current assets completed:
-Almost all vegetation is implemented in game.
-The majority of materials and textures used in the natural environment.
-About half of the man made structures. Some placeholders may be used for the alpha.
-Two weapons (AK-47 and 1911), this is all that is likely to make it into the alpha build due to budget constraints and gameplay style.
-Two vehicles, mini tugboat and Opel Rekord (an old car). Some placeholders may be used for alpha.
-Most programming and gameplay features are finished, although some more fine tuning and polishing is needed before it's playable at even an alpha level.
-Level design is about 80% done, mostly just down to entity placements in some areas.

Future features (sometime after/during alpha release):
-Animals and hunting system with somewhat realistic AI.
-More weapons and vehicles.
-Possibly more NPC's, structures, and escape methods.
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Slayer_2  [author] Jul 27 @ 10:46pm 
Thanks, the alpha-stage demo will be out soon, along with a funding campaign to support further development. Hopefully you'll try it out and provide me with some feedback on it :)

I've tried to stay faithful to the original mod, while still innovating on what needed to be changed. Obviously it's early on, so a ton of content and polish is needed before I'd be selling it.
ThrillhouseWUT Jul 27 @ 8:08am 
I remember having so much fun with the Escape: Paradise mod. Finally escaping the island was such a rewarding feeling! I hope the development is going well. Take your time to make this as good as you can! I cannot wait to buy it.
MadKingdom™ Jul 22 @ 10:38am 
Fantastic! want more...
Slayer_2  [author] Jul 4 @ 12:05am 
@Hermione: Gotta love google translate, it's a life saver. Maybe not the best translations, but better than nothing. Thanks for the support :)

@Pan: Thank you, there will be a public alpha soon hopefully, thanks!
Pan Khaweiah Jul 2 @ 5:00pm 
looks really good :) u can contact me for testing...thx
Hermione Angel Jun 28 @ 7:20am 
Infelizmente o google tradutor não é muito bom, nem o meu inglês hahahahaha
Mas fico feliz, pois apesar de tudo a gente conseguiu se entender.
Criei bastante espectativa pelo seu jogo e espero que lance logo. Parabéns =)
Slayer_2  [author] Jun 18 @ 6:50pm 
Pretty good, lots of delays, I'm working 50 hours a week at my job so not much time, but I'm committed to getting a polished alpha running as soon as possible :)
[TMT] Marcasso Jun 17 @ 9:52am 
So how is going the development of the game?
Slayer_2  [author] Jun 6 @ 4:56pm 
Ah, okay. But yeah, it'll be pretty limited, actually very similar to Max Payne 3, except that if you want to carry items, they'll take one of your 3 weapon slots. So you gotta choose wisely! As for Opel, I only know of it because of my research I did when looking up stuff for the game, we don't have any Opel cars here :)
FabioAguiar51 Jun 5 @ 5:55am 
@Slayer_2: Yes, I know we'll be able to carry more weapons, I was merely saying that I liked the approach of games like Max Payne 3 to weapon carry. I like the idea of items taking up weapon slots too though. I asked if you were from europe because (if I'm not mistaken) Opel is only know by that name outside of Britain and other english speaking countries (where it is known as Vauxhall, Holden and so on...) so I thought maybe you were from europe :P