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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 12:52pm

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Release date: TBA
Taijou is a fast paced platformer / bullet hell inspired by a mashup of Touhou and Cave Story

The official site, where you can play the beta and subscribe to the mailing list can be found here:
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RPG Maker? RPFAILmaker 18 hours ago 
"i guess i should more line of dialogue" wow... no.
[FWD] Dante Arterius Anderson Aug 25 @ 10:50am 
Not that it was bad not at all but you know just saying I have played the demo of Capsized and the first thought that went into my head was Alright another Space Shooter in 2D
[FWD] Dante Arterius Anderson Aug 25 @ 10:47am 
This has potential but get rid of the space setting if you don't want people to think this is another 2D space shooter Get an Underwater theme setting with a better character model and More enviormental enemies and also other enemies like Underwater aliens.
robothechris Aug 21 @ 4:02am 
Looks great. Looks hard-or at least the boss fights looked hard. The dashing reminds me of Zero from the Megaman series. I love boosting around its so fun.
Blot Aug 16 @ 12:09pm 
This looks really hard, like old school hard. Keep it that way.
I need it plz, but uh, add moar bullets. :P
redroar Aug 6 @ 1:22pm 
looking good
λ⑨MarioRPGGeno Aug 3 @ 4:55am 
Holy crap. Camil gives 6/5
risekuWaffles Jul 25 @ 10:22pm 
i need it, i need it , I NEED IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i no have money .3. well i am a big fan of touhou and cave history, and this game is so cool please fast to steam
._MAX_. Jul 21 @ 5:02am