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Zombeer ®
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 6:08am
Oct 29, 2013 @ 10:47am
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Zombeer has been Greenlighted :DD
Do U want the Zombeer's Digital ArtBook ??
1- Like our Zombeer facebook page:

2- Write a cool comment in the picture "Like, Comment and Win" (you'll find it in our facebook page).

3- Trust in coffee, for us to finish this art book! ... Just joking, you´ll get it if you win

When we release the game, we´ll send you a link to download it !!
And remember to Keep Calm, drink Zombeer, and kill Zombies !!


It´s possible that we can´t see some shares because of your facebook privacy settings, so you can share the picture as "public" or left a coment here (like "done" or something like that) to let us know that you´re participating in the contest (facebook settings).

Release date: 4th Quarter of 2013 !!
Zombeer® is a first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter (FPSHCS) aimed at being released on PC, Mac and PS3 (PSN)

Yes … you must drink some Zom...beers if you don't want to transform into a Zombie (like in the real world?), but if you drink too much you'll have some troubles to ctrl the main character (like in the real world, hehe).

But sometimes … transform into a zombie will be a great idea, because the rest of zombies will not attack you …


The Story:
During a wild university party, a strange plague infects everybody … turning the people into zombies.

The main character named “K” awakens alone in a Mexican bar, after a night of “overindulging”. All alone, dizzy and disoriented, he realizes that this hangover doesn’t quite feel like ones he is used to. Indeed, he has been bitten by one of those nasty monsters and the virus inside him is gaining power. “K” will unintentionally discover that drinking beer is the only way to prevent it from taking over! But drink in moderation or you’ll totally lose control and be in trouble!

K wants to find Karen, his pretty girlfriend, but he'll discover soon that she's a ZOMBIE !! and the worst … the Mianus University Rector has kidnapped her because he wants to … well, you must know what a man wants from a pretty woman

Easter Eggs Everywhere !!
We're a very passionate team about games, comics and films (specially Zombie films :P), so the game includes many references to movies, comic books and games that we like. We don't believe that someone will find all the easter eggs, but if anybody gets it...well, we'll send the first one (her/him) a very special present :o)

Don't forget that we're an indie team; with indie budget, you know what it means (O.o)
In coffee we trust XD

Do u want to appear in Zombeer ??

If we get the Greenlight approval we are going to celebrate it, including the name of all the people that supports us in a hidden scenario.

So the supporters will appear as a big Easter Egg :))

And you can be sure: it will not be easy to find … who will be the first one? That will be another great conquest :[ And we want to create the [i]looooooooooongest[/i] and [b]BIGGEST[/b] end titles of history of videogames, and to get it, we'll include the name of all the supporters in the end tittles too, as “supporters”, logically :) If u want to include your name in Zombeer, visit [u]www.zombeerthegame/iwanttobeaneasteregg[/u] and follow the indications. [b]BRAINS !![/b] Official w

And we want to create the [i]looooooooooongest and BIGGEST end titles of history of videogames, and to get it, we'll include the name of all the supporters in the end tittles too, as “supporters”, logically :)

If u want to include your name in Zombeer, visit www.zombeerthegame/iwanttobeaneasteregg and follow the indications.


Official website:
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Apr 16 @ 9:33am
ETA on release?
< >
The Awsome Gamer {TAG} Apr 11 @ 12:06pm 
is that...the sunflower from plants vs zombies on jessicas shirt?
Moonbite_Games  [author] Apr 9 @ 1:44am 
Hi @Bbxez
And we need it too !!
We have the PC version ready ... now we continue with papers and papers and papers ...
but we'll finish soon !!!
Thx for your patient ^.^
Bbxez Mar 30 @ 5:12am 
Pls Zombeer, still hype, need want pls
Moonbite_Games  [author] Mar 28 @ 2:30am 
@bbrock1 XDDD
To be honest ... well ... 2billion dollars is a lot of money ... but frankly, we have developed Zombeer because it's the crazy game we wanted to play, money is important but it's not all ;)
bbrock1 Mar 27 @ 11:43am 
Just hoping it gets to PC before Zuckerburg tries to snatch you guys up and mess up your project like they are the Oculus Rift. Dont think I can take anymore bad news this week ;)
Moonbite_Games  [author] Mar 27 @ 4:12am 

muchas gracias por tantos y tan buenos consejos :))
Finalmente estamos decidiendo si publicar por nuestra cuenta o de la mano de un publisher ... lo cierto es que como developers estupendo ... pero desarrollar y publicar a la vez ... @.@

Moonbite_Games  [author] Mar 27 @ 2:34am 
Hi @uake
Thanks !
I sent it to our CTO to analyze it ... we really would like to port the game U.U
Moonbite_Games  [author] Mar 27 @ 2:32am 
Hi @bbrock1

No, the consoles dont required us to wait.
we've finished the Steam SDK integration ... now we're ready to send the game to Unity :))

Meantime we were talking with a few publishers ... frankly: we are a very small developers team ... and we need a few help to release the PC version offering a good service :)))
Anyway, we're in the last days before the PC release !!!
bbrock1 Mar 18 @ 8:13am 
Are the consoles prohibiting you from releasing to PC or are you required to wait a certain amount of time before releasing to PC?
Gazzer96 Mar 14 @ 8:53am 
@Monbite_Games: I have found something that may help when you decided to port it over to Linux: