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Perplex Beats
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 5:10am

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Perplex Beats is a rhythm action game with a twist. The control system creates a new style of gameplay that is really fun to play. The player uses the controls to solve reaction-based puzzles in time with the music. Perplex Beats takes a minute to learn and years to master.

The music in Perplex Beats range from Rock to Hip-Hop, Funky-House to Pop. The game also includes a mode for advanced players called "Perplex Mode" where the user has to match the correct symbol and colour in time of the music.

Earn stars and use them to unlock new songs and on top of this an exciting set of collectables are available which gives the player a sense of reward for progressing through the game, perfect for any completionist.

• Solve reaction based puzzles.
• New control system - The controls have been optimised for a keyboard or a controller connected to your machine, perfect for Steam's Big Picture!
• Two game modes - Arcade and Freestyle, each with two styles of gameplay (Normal and Perplex mode).
• Three difficulties - 3 / 4 / 5 Cube mode for each song on normal and perplex mode.
• An interactive tutorial for both modes.
• Lots of replay value - Incentives such as high scores, collectables and stars.
• A total of 100 stars - The currency used to unlock new songs.

UPDATE: We have received a lot of questions as to whether you can use your own music. Unfortunately at the moment the answer is no, but we are looking into making this feature possible in the future. The puzzles in the game have been specifically timed with the included music to give the player the best possible experience.

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LTYѠ Sep 16 @ 12:51am 
ну так себе
._MAX_. Jul 21 @ 4:17am 
L4ky Jun 23 @ 9:10am 
Good idea :)
slicer1000 Jun 20 @ 4:56am 
looks like a nice idea
MeMotS Jun 9 @ 4:53pm 
I agree

조금 어지럽고 눈이 아플것 같군요. 너무 정신없는것만 개선한다면 훌륭한 게임이 될겁니다
Leeto May 28 @ 1:52pm 
Looks interesting, but depends on the price
唐川 Mar 10 @ 10:37am 
funny xD
P[e]ace Feb 22 @ 2:56am 
Looks interesting, wouldnt hurt giving it a try
HADES2001 Feb 2 @ 1:51pm 
this looks like guitar here coop where player 1 needs to control both guitars no thanks i have enough rage in me allready
Kaizer Chef Jan 27 @ 3:43am 
Seems cool i would at least try it.