This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 1:38am
Jun 25 @ 1:13pm
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Game Update: The Temple Update
  • The Temple Zone has been added, filled with traps, puzzles, mazes and more! Featuring:
    • A unique persistent boss battle
    • New enemies
    • New quests
  • Five new materials!
    • Vulcan Wrench: Build a turret to gun down enemies!
    • Trick Bullet: Show off with an awesome ricocheting shot!
    • Necrom-nomicon: Summon minions to do your bidding!
    • Miniature Sun: Cook enemies before your bolt even reaches them!
    • Owlbear Trap: Place sneaky traps for your enemies to fall into!
  • New Artifact
    • The Heartseeker: Increases drop rate of health pickups
  • New Upgrade
    • Super Scroll: Increases all spells to 4 material slots
  • Added many new sound effects
    • These effects and their volume are still being iterated on.
  • Several rare rooms have been added to various zones
  • Enhanced debugging for level generation
    • The current level generation seed can be found in the pause menu. If you think something is wrong with a level, pass along that number in your bug report
  • Added "Clear This" and "Clear All" buttons to crafting menus
  • Improved Dörwall Community College for readability
  • Doctorate's Difficulty desert now has its own music track
  • Cavern boss now has its own music track
  • Improved appearance of tooltips
  • NPCs now walk about
Gameplay Changes
  • Changed the order artifacts are acquired in the vault
    • Boxes are now locked via Silver Keys
  • Gold has been removed from the game
    • It can still be found in levels to increase your score
    • Shopkeeper has been removed
    • Purchasable artifacts have been redistributed to the vault
  • Altered many monster health and damage values, particularly at very low and very high difficulties
  • Wall-walk controls have been significantly improved
  • Fire Crystal's robe effect is now on Miniature Sun. Fire crystal's robe effect now leaves a trail of fire behind the player.
  • Self-knockback effects should now scale with movement speed
  • Bees can no longer be attacked, and expire after a set amount of time
  • Boomerang robe orbs no longer are destroyed when colliding with knockback immune enemies
  • Tutorial area has been optimized for learning things
  • Appearance customization items are now unlocked as the player progresses through the story
  • Area quest gating has been slightly modified
  • Caverns are now deeper
Bug Fixes
  • Bees no longer travel at light speed and instantly kill the player
  • Significantly reduced the number of beehives and leaf piles in the forest
  • Fixed a bug where the forest boss's vines had incorrect health values
  • Fixed NPCs violently twitching at random
  • Fixed a crash caused by loading the Desert zone
  • Fixed a bug where pulse shield effect did not work
  • Fixed a crash caused by screen shake
  • Player can no longer die in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the forest treasure room did not contain a free loot box
  • Fixed several instances of NPCs saying "Döörwall"
  • Fixed a crash caused by alchemy
  • Player can no longer perform alchemy on incorrect components
  • Fixed several issues with score-based prizes
  • Fixed several instances of "Quest Available" buttons not being blue
Under the Hood
  • Changes to physics, should prevent things from tunneling through walls
  • Level tiles now render a fraction of a second faster
  • Fixed a memory leak in level generation

Game Update: The Cavern Update
  • The Cavern Zone has been added, including
  • New enemies
  • Destroyable terrain
  • A unique boss battle
  • New Artifacts:
  • Stella's Incendiary Tome
  • Periwinkle's Fairy Companion
  • Merry's Bottled Storm / Merry's Bottled Nothing
  • Bibi's Chaotic Evil Ring
  • Angry Gorgon Head
  • Izzy's Bookmark
  • Brand new quests for all areas!
  • New customization items
  • A 1000 magicmeter dash has been added as a training course
  • Several rare rooms have been added to various zones
  • Beehives have been added to the forest
  • The robe can now be upgraded to four slots
  • The font has been updated for improved readability and the safety of our players' vision
  • All material, artifact, and drop icons have been updated to the new art style
  • Some materials have color adjustments
  • Slime Heart is now Bouncy Ball
  • Score Attack mode has been added! Earn points by being a master wizard and get rewards for expert spellslinging on any difficulty!
  • We will be iterating on this system and improving functionality over the next few updates.
  • The quest and progression system has been massively overhauled. Once completing the first forest mission, access to all areas is granted.
  • Each area has two story quests and two side quests. This may be expanded upon in the future.
    Text and story are subject to change
  • Basic graphic settings are now available to make the game more playable on lower-end computers
  • Enemies now have a chance to drop health restoring crystals in addition to their other loot
  • NPCs now walk around and exhibit more personality
  • Passing by an NPC without a quest tree will cause their chatter to display in a balloon above their head
  • The player's walk animation now reacts to how fast you are moving
  • Skill icons now have two colors instead of one
  • Right-clicking now exits menus
  • Double-clicking a material in your inventory will slot the highest available grade
  • The file-select menu is now displays more progress information
Gameplay Changes
  • Shade Spirit now charms enemies instead of fearing them
  • Charmed enemies attack nearby enemies
  • Enemies can only be charmed in certain health thresholds, depending on material grade, etc.
  • Chaos Butterfly's power boost per redirect is now additive instead of multiplicative
  • Vampire Tooth on robe now boosts healing effects instead of passively regenerating health
  • Rune on robe now reduces the mana cost of spells per cast for a short period of time
  • This effect stacks with repeated casts
  • Caustic Ichor on spells has had its power boost reduced slightly
  • Rift Crystal spells are now more dependent on spellpower (enchanting has greater effect, less effective on wands/benign spells)
  • Enemies will now spread fire on death or on fire tick, instead of on-collision
  • Grudge Talisman's damage boost has been increased to 100% from 20%
  • Pocket Tombstone's activation threshold has been increased to 30% from 20%
  • Bazel's Hourglass of Regret's channel time reduced to 2 seconds from 3
  • Lantern of the Mist Banshee has been renamed to Lantern of the Spectral Maid
  • Spellblade of Avenging has been renamed to Spellblade of the Legion
  • Jin's Lucky Dagger has been temporarily removed.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where lightning lasers were not drawing properly
  • Fixed a bug with execute spells on multi-object enemies
  • Fixed a crash involving the forest boss and stealth robes
  • Fixed a bug where rune crystals would blink while the game is paused
  • Fixed a bug where exiting a boss portal would reset the difficulty of the area to Associate's
  • Fixed an issue where the player would fall through the world at high haste values
  • Ensured the player has all of the basic equipment before allowing them to leave the tutorial (for real this time)
  • Soul Contract spells now take into consideration power boosts when doing a suicide prevention check
  • Fixed a bug where Tipsy would get tongue-tied
Under the Hood
  • Fixed a memory leak with Spellblade of Avenging
  • Removed many unused textures and other files

Release date: Late summer 2014
Magicmaker is a spellcrafting-focused platformer/dungeon-crawler where you can be the wizard you've always wanted to be. With over 2,000,000 unique spell combinations to discover, powerful artifacts and charming environments, Magicmaker has something for every playstyle.

As the Security Guard of Dörwall Community College (The preeminent wizarding school of the Dörwall area) you must jump, shoot, and explore through five levels to assure the safety of your colleagues while investigating the sudden appearance of a mysterious individual.

Still curious? Try out our old alpha version! Its a little rough but should give you an idea what we're going for!

Here's some bulletpoints for you:
-Spellcrafting system that can create over two million combinations
-Charming, colorful paper-craftesque art
-Character customization
-Robecrafting system for passive effects
-Randomly generated levels

How does spellcrafting work?

Its pretty simple, to begin with. On your adventure, you find materials. Each material represents a different effect, like homing or multishot. You can mix and match these materials in a huge number of combinations.

Things get very interesting when material effects interact with each other. For example, Tunna Bricks makes your spells fall through the air, but boosts their damage. Bouncy Balls cause spells to bounce off walls. Combine the two and you have a potent spell that is good at striking ground-based foes. And that's just scratching the surface. Each material also has a passive robe effect for even more customization.

With forty different materials, there's a spell for everybody!

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
VIDEO CARD: Supports Shader Model 2.0
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flamedragon1994 Jul 22 @ 11:23am 
This game looks awesome but could benefit from some wizard on wizard action, another player to test your wizardy skills
Grey_Moment Jul 14 @ 10:09pm 
Be the wizard you've always wanted to be? Actually, yes. I've been wanting to see a game with massive variety and customization options on spells for years. This litterally looks like something I've been looking for for a very long time. Best wishes for the future.
チルノ ⑨ Jul 9 @ 7:33am 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit!
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Looks great! :D
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i have played the alfa vishon ind i woud deffently get the game
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Gostei do game \m/
Demian Jun 19 @ 6:43am 
I think it's sad this game hasn't been Greenlit yet. I think people may just see the below average graphics and ignore it, but I gave the game a try last year and loved it. I'm not usually into these types of games but I still have fond memories of this game and will most certainly play it again once it release properly.
ɹǝuunɹ Jun 17 @ 12:40am 
I'd buy it, honestly