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Retro Commander (RTS)
Aug 31, 2012 @ 1:03am
Sep 26, 2014 @ 11:26am
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Retro Commander - Greenlit!
Try It!

Before you read on - how about trying it out? Don't judge the game by its cover.
Linux x86:
Linux AMD64:

Please note, those are the demo versions and there is only 4 scenarios to play (you don't need to register or anything; just unpack & run). Should provide about 30 minutes of playing time.


Retro Commander is a retro real-time strategy game inspired by the turn-based "Classic Empire" game. Units at your disposal include Humvees, Tanks, Artillery, Mechanics, Helicopters, Planes, Ships and Submarines amongst others. Buildings include base stations, shipyards, airfields and oil fields.

The game supports cross-platform multiplayer games over LAN and internet including co-op multiplayer (8 players maximum). Retro Commander contain 2 campaigns with 25 (respectively 30) mission each. Each campaign will take between 10-15h to complete, depending on difficulty chosen. There is a random map generator and a number of skirmish maps included too. There is no map editor, but custom made maps can be added if desired.

  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS) in the Middle East/Tropical Islands
  • Single Player and Multiplayer (over the LAN and Internet)
  • 2 Campaigns with 25 Missions Each
  • Random Map Generator
  • 16 Mobile Units including: Humvees, Tanks, Artillery, 4x4, Mechanic, Trucks, Planes, Chinook, Gunboat, Submarine, Cruiser and Carrier
  • 1 Special Unit: Super-Hovercraft
  • 4 Land Structures: Base Station, Shipyard, Airfield and Oil Field
  • Nations: USA, England, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan plus a rebel faction
  • Team-Play (included in multiplayer)
  • High Score and Playing Statistics
  • Mission Types: Attack, Defense, Capture the Flag, Convoy Missions
  • Fog of War/Exploration Fog
  • Challenging AI with 4 Difficulty Settings
  • Enganging Music and Sound Effects
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Voted. good game
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nice game
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good game
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Wow - nice looking game with a great "feel" - reminds me of the old greats like the Early C&C's!
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Наманая игрулька
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I can't put my finger on what it is.... Normally I'm not a fan of RTS games but this.... I'd buy this. Voted.
THEhouse Aug 13, 2014 @ 8:52pm 
Good games!
+1 vote
Gurrias Aug 8, 2014 @ 6:09am 
voted yes!