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In the Pit
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 8:53pm

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Awesome review from CGR Undertow!
In the Pit is a critically-acclaimed audio-only stealth action game. You control a vicious creature who lives at the bottom of a dark pit, and eats the hapless people who fall in. The game's audio-only nature means that there are no graphics at all; you have to rely entirely on your senses of hearing and touch to play.

"The game spins a surprising amount of gameplay variation from its basic principles, but fundamentally, it's a simple concept, executed with aplomb... it's an unusually atmospheric, immersive experience, without a single pixel's worth of graphics."
-- MTV Multiplayer

"In the Pit may be simplistic, but it's an intriguing, creative game that showcases the designer's talent and makes me anticipate his future efforts."
-- Honest Gamers

"Scarily atmospheric, 'In The Pit' offers an audio only game with simple gameplay mechanics and controls to a mainstream market. More please!"
-- Special Effect's acceessible Game Base

"I personally loved the game. It made me laugh out loud at least twice and I really enjoyed the novelty."
-- Negative Gamer

"In the Pit isn’t the best indie game I’ve played... but it is perhaps the most innovative. And to me at least, that’s just as valuable. ...I recommend it to anyone who will listen."
-- The Indie Ocean

You can play In the Pit now on your Xbox 360 via XBLIG.

One major caveat is that this game uses controller vibration and analog joysticks as core gameplay mechanics, so the PC and Mac version will also require a controller with variable vibration and at least one analog joystick, like an Xbox 360 Controller.

Learn more at
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Satanas Mar 9 @ 1:59pm 
you got me at "audio-only" im not blind :D
Borntokill352 Jan 31 @ 8:22pm 
Love the concept. Hope it delivers.
Pizza Steve Jan 19 @ 10:10pm 
All the fun of a text adventure, without the text!
HADES2001 Jan 19 @ 12:49pm 
i prefer terror trax series over this just audio no thanks there is a reason we upgraded to graphics
ShishKebab Jan 14 @ 3:35pm 
I agree with Jambon. I've upvoted it for concept, but for an actual purchase, I would expect MUCH higher sound quality. Eternal Darkness quality (no pun intended).
evolution.400 Jan 9 @ 11:23pm 
Sorry, I'll only buy it if the language supports Estonian. No upvote for you.
Humble Bundle Drunkard Jan 8 @ 5:25pm 
wanna play a very bad game that I put no work into for your actual money? please?
Gabriel Dec 16, 2013 @ 2:04pm 
I did actually purchase this game on the 360 at one point.
The concept is amazing, but the execution was okay. I agree with Jambon that the sound quality needs improving.
Personally, I was just eager to get to the next person because I thought their death screams were hilarious. Which I'm pretty sure wasn't the point of the game.
Paul Dec 13, 2013 @ 7:03am 
Nice idea, but needs work.
Jambon Nov 15, 2013 @ 6:57am 
The idea of this game seems very interesting and unique. Though from the trailer the sound quality needs HUGE work. When you do away with all visuals it means your audio quaity has to be 3 times better than a normal game because the entire substance of the game IS the audio.

I noticed repeated sounds, not normalized audio levels, limited variety in sounds...etc. These would all have ot be corrected and the following suggestoins taken to turn this into a really good game.

- High quality audio clips recorded with top quality 3d microphones.
- Professional voice recordings. Would add a huge level of depth if each charatcer had their own story.
- Hours of unique dialog from narrator, creature and victims.

I gave it an upvote today but I wouldn't buy unless there are significant imporvements to the audio quality from what was seen in the trailer :)