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Legend of the Knightwasher
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Aug 30, 2012 @ 5:50pm
Aug 28, 2013 @ 8:06am
Release date: 2161
A tale of knightly washing machine who goes on crusade against a false king who took the crown by chopping both old king and his knights to death. Knightwasher was on his way to afterlife, second in the row, right behind the dead King Crownwasher. The now dead and true king made his last wish to Death... and Knightwasher's name NEVER existed in the Death's books of living, dead and the dying.

After years and years of studying the books and rules of living, dead and the dying, Death finally came to a conclusion. Knightwasher did not belong to His Scythe Bearer's realm and was cast away from there.

At the end of the barbarian wars one of the King's knights betrayed his brothers. He marched through the city, through the gates to the royal castle, murdering every knight in his wake. As he arrived to the throne room there stood the Knightwasher, general and advisor of Crownwasher, the King and also the noble lord Torl the Redshredder. The battle was short, Darkwasher, the evil knight had employed services of unknown washers. The beastly machines in his service were near immortal and their strikes shook the ground.

Knightwasher was killed, along with the true King Crownwasher and the noble Redshredder. Knightwasher woke to the cold and shimmering voice of Death. All color has bled out. It was his last stop before whatever lied in the afterlife. Knightwasher heard Death ask his King if he had any last wishes. King's voice was booming, almost godly, he said: "I wish Knightwasher's name never existed in that book of yours". For a moment Death was silent and finally he spoke one word: "Granted.".

It became Knightwasher's turn, but Death was unable to pass judgement and remove his ties to this world. Death's list no longer contained Knightwasher's name, so his duty could not be filled. After almost 26 years in a limbo, Death came to conclusion with the error left by Crownwasher's wish. Knightwasher was exiled back on the world and he would have to redeem himself.. or find a way to get his name back on the list of living and dead.

Explore the World.
Gather Allies both Dead and Alive.
Adventure with Friends.
Arm Yourself to Teeth.
Fight the Corrupt King.
Save the Oppressed.

Lance of wood, cogs of steel,
The Knightwasher tilts his foe.
A massive slam, a song of metal,
The Knightwasher's foe tumbles no more.

Wooden lance, sings it's song.
Impact strong, foe is done.
Whisper of an axe, ends in a yell.
Life escapes, only one stands.

email: contact (a)
website: (update in progress)

Post script : Game is indeed work in progress and should be publicly playable as soon as possible (I estimate little after a month)

Some answers to questions below:
Q: Controls seem too wonky, terrible or inaccurate.
A: Controls are ALMOST redone, there is still some tweaking I need to do but the control scheme for player is much accurate and faster to use. Small enemies like bandits, evil guards, barbarian whelps etc will use the wonky movement. It fits them very well. Bigger enemies (and player) will have the much more stabile one.

Q: What is the multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer will feature "friendly fire" (aka player vs player damage), but otherwise it's co-op playing. The host's progress in story is saved in multiplayer, but client isn't. Client does however get to keep all items and currency they find and bring it between their game and multiplayer game.

Q: I hate effect X and I want to disable it!
A: No problem! You'll be able to adjust properties to some extend (within predefined limits) or fully disable it. Even that blur. The blur looks great fullscreen, but in smaller images it definitely pokes your eyes :)
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