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Wishful Lie (Forget Me Not Annie)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 4:12pm
Feb 17 @ 2:12pm
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Renewing efforts!
Full Development
This is the demo version of a feature length game titled Wishful Lie. We created this demo during our years at game design school, and we are now currently in pre-production to create the full experience we've always wanted to create! Please, download this game for free via the link below and give it a shot!

Forget Me Not Annie is a first person psychological horror game created with the Unreal Engine that revolves around puzzle solving and plat forming. It was originally created as a student project, it is now the vertical slice demo for a much greater, grander and scarier game.
The story revolves around a schizophrenic and delusional teenage girl name Annie, whom traverses between two different realms throughout the story; her imagination and the real world. All the while being guided, and later betrayed by her imaginary best friend Howard. All of which to discover and learn why she and how she had become the way she is.

Please! Visit our facebook page
as well, you can download the game separately at

So what is Wishful Lie going to be?
a 15-20 hour feature length psychological horror / puzzle game revolving around a young girl named Lilly and her world of hallucinations. Feel the grip of true horror as you attempt to escape incarceration from both the physical and the delusional, only to discover the truth of a much deeper gruesome tragedy that had shattered the young girls mind.

- Play as both Lilly and Howard, a simple click of a button will allow you to switch perspective and play as both characters!
- Interact with every object and person in the world, and this isn't click pick up. Each action will definitely, have a reaction.
- Weave in and out of reality and delusion, watch as the world and its inhabitants change and morph as Lilly's mind fractures further.
- Return of the magnificent voice acting, all of your favorite voices and characters will be here to haunt you once again.
- Feel the meaning of true terror, this time around we intend to amplify our degree of horror hundredfold.
- An in depth emotional story, as you collect the hundreds of special objects scattered across the world to reveal side plots and back stories.
- Unique cut scene designs, this part... well this you will just have to wait and be pleasantly surprised!

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention we will be developing Wishful Lie to be compatible with the Oculus Rift? The new cutting edge technology of virtual reality. Check it out! Real time virtual reality with horror, that is a match made in heaven.
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VastouseN Jun 20 @ 2:45am 
Are there any updates on this project?
Jeb (a.k.a. Jebus) Jun 18 @ 12:45am 
Please try to make something happen to this game anyways, I so want it here on steam. And it's looking very good so far, so please do not give up just yet.
BachBreaker Jun 2 @ 6:37pm 
How is this game going?
pureheart55 May 27 @ 8:34pm 
Please Don't give up! this Game is very very Nice and Really Good.
★NOCTURNAgvc★ May 6 @ 7:54pm 
this game looks really good! please dont give up! :o
portalfan64 Apr 3 @ 11:04pm 
The kick starter goal failed. What will they do now? They can't give up.
ToastedPickle Mar 27 @ 5:49pm 
Anyone else get here from TMS?
Biggie Cheese Mar 14 @ 10:41am 
The kid in the left looks stoned as FU*K!
!3eleidiger Mar 14 @ 9:21am 
I am glad that this is still alive!
But i would suggest you Guys to Add the Kick-starter Page directly into the Description or isn`t that possible after a Green-lit than i would suggest to Contact Steam of this Issue to prevent it happening for you and in the Future for others! A big Kick-starter at the edge is way more Visible than a Link in the Comments!GL
Player1Games  [author] Feb 27 @ 2:04pm

Our Kickstarter is up! Support us! Help by pledging or sharing the page!