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Armada Online
Aug 30, 2012 @ 3:58pm
Apr 3 @ 1:01pm
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Amazon Cloud Server
Release date: Beta begins four months after Greenlight
Take command of a starship and wage war against the Armada.
Your creativity and skill will determine the future of the universe.

We began life bound to a single planet.
Our ancestors freed us to roam the stars.
Now the alien Armada seeks to imprison us once again.
They would deprive us of our basic right to travel, to evolve.
Returning to Earth is the path to extinction.
We must surge outward and populate the universe.
The journey to space is the quest for life everlasting.

Key features:
  • Interesting Strategy: You have a lot of toys to play with, and interesting choices to make. Some enemies have vulnerable spots, split into smaller creatures when destroyed, explode when killed, or enhance all aliens around them, creating tactical priorities and interesting roles for specialized ships to play. You can creatively use ships, summons, and teamwork to overcome tough situations.

  • Varied Experiences: Different areas offer unique experiences. Some areas are open RPG zones, cooperative tower defense, or dota-like maps. All areas are highly replayable, and you can try a different approach every time.

  • Play How You Like: You can be creative with how you set up your ship, powers, and skills. Experiment with different builds in different zones. Become a stealth operator, summon stations, teleport in for surprise attacks, or support your allies with repairs and special abilities. Choose skills that enhance your ship's speed, attack power, or give it unusual methods of escaping the enemy or countering their defenses.

  • Openness: Instantly warp where you wish, at any time. Join with others to hunt the Armada, mine asteroids alone if you prefer, or warp into the Neutral Zone to battle other players.
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shadowNET Apr 18 @ 4:55pm 
Can't seem to remember my forum account. Congrats on getting green lit, best of luck to Mark & Roger. Can't wait to see the beta.
TheLastDismember Apr 18 @ 12:16am 
nice ah
Arcus Veles Apr 17 @ 5:18pm 
Cripes, you guys are still going. I remember grinding the hell out of this back in 2006.
rafin83 Apr 14 @ 5:49am 
I spent so many hour on this game when it was on the dreamcast! I can't wait!
kajjeb Apr 13 @ 6:07pm 
Go Go Go Mark and Roger!! can't wait after 6 years!!!!
Seti69 Apr 13 @ 5:26pm 
Congratz Mark and Roger!
Neeja Apr 12 @ 5:40pm 
Wishing Mark and Roger all the best.
[.LCs.]Whiteplague Apr 10 @ 8:15pm 
Here we go, finally there!
StatikBit Apr 7 @ 3:58pm 
Can't wait!
Dream_8up Apr 6 @ 2:09am 
I'm ready to play AO with my steam friends :) Gratz! and thanks for keeping my favorite game of all time alive.