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Aug 30, 2012 @ 3:01pm
Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:25am
Release date: Early 2013
ARMED! is a sci-fi turn-based multiplayer strategy game created by indie studio Sickhead Games.

Part RTS, part tabletop strategy, ARMED! puts you in command of a fleet of futuristic tanks, turrets, and robots with one mission: infiltrate enemy territory, crush their forces, and destroy their headquarters. Play ranked head-to-head games against online opponents, challenge your friends to correspondence games, or battle the AI in single player mode.

Key Features
  • Deep RTS-style gameplay in a deceptively simple turn-based package.
  • 7 maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features.
  • 12 offensive and defensive units to command into battle.
  • Over 50 unit upgrades and special attacks to help turn the tide.
  • Designed from the ground up for competitive multiplayer with ranked ladders.
  • Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with live and casual matchmaking.
  • Play custom matches against friends.
  • Step by step tutorial that gets you right into the game.
  • Track your rankings on the real time leaderboards.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
You can try ARMED! today on WP7 or Windows 8 at

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Q: Why are you submitting a mobile game to Steam?
A: ARMED! is much better than the typical mobile game.

It was designed from the beginning to deliver a desktop RTS experience at the flexible pace of a turn based game. It was optimized heavily to make it fit on mobile devices and is graphically more detailed than any other mobile strategy game. ARMED! on Steam will be fine tuned for mouse and keyboard gameplay with enhanced effects, higher resolution art, and support for high DPI displays.

Our goal is not to dump a quick port to Steam... our goal is to be the best strategy game on Steam.

Q: Will there be more maps and units?
A: We update ARMED! every month or two. We add new features, fixes, and content regularly to keep the game fresh and fun.

Currently the big items on our road map includes another package of 7 or so maps, a second faction of units, and 3-way multiplayer games.

Q: Will ARMED! run on Windows XP? What about Mac and Linux?
A: Yes... we plan to support all modern versions of Windows including XP, Vista, 7, and 8 as well as the latest versions of OSX at launch.

And if Valve ships Steam to Linux then we will make ARMED! available there too.

Q: How much will it cost? Will it be overpriced like many mobile ports?
A: No price has been set yet, but it will be very reasonable based on the feature delta between mobile and the Steam version of the game.

Awards & Mentions

"Best Game Graphics" 2012 Award

Eurogamer's App of the Day

Featured on Channel9's Hot Apps

Maximum PC's WP7 App of the Week

Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OS 10.6.8
CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent.
Graphic Card: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive Space: 400MB of available space.

About Sickhead Games

Sickhead Games, LLC is a Dallas, Texas indie game studio founded in 2002 with a deep dedication to video games of all shapes and sizes. As a studio, Sickhead has personally developed or directly contributed to several titles, including Batman Begins™ Mobile, Legions on InstantAction, educational simulator Be The Dinosaur, TurboSquid’s experimental modular fps Gameflood, a yet unannounced “AAA social game”, and multiple packs, demos, and technology for the Torque line of products.

More Info

For more information on ARMED! ask us a question below, visit our Facebook or Twitter in the right column, or visit us at the locations below:

Website: or

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Early 2013? More like never.
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It has been released on the website....
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There haven't been many updates on the website or Twitter/Facebook, could you give us an ETA on the next update for the Windows 8 Store, or when it will be released on Steam?

Also, if I bought the Armed! Expansion pack on Windows 8, will I have access to Steam's version of Armed?
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THis is also a mobile game for iOS and Android????
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One of the nicest indie games I have ever seen
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