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OBE (OneButtonEnhancement)
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OBE (OneButtonEnhancement)

Interact with Vehicles, Doors (Open/Close) and Glass (Destroy) by simply pressing one button (instead of using the overloaded Scrollmenu).

Latest Version: 0.2.0 - NOW WITH VEHICLE SUPPORT!

BI Forum Thead:

DEV Version Repository (Stringtables and Vehicle Configs):

Dev-Version (may contain Bugs)

=========== WIP-INFOS ===========

All the Basic-Things are added. More to come later (see: "PLANNED FEATURES" down below)

=========== USAGE ===========

- Select the desired point on a Vehicle, if it's highlighted (and the slot is free) -> Press your button and get in it. It can't be easier.
- Look at the Door, press the Button, voilà, the door opens/closes it.
- Look at a Window/Glass, have your Primary Weapon in your Hand (NOT Handgun!), press CTRL + Button, voilà, the Glass is shattered in pieces

=========== PLAYER SETUP ===========
- Define your Custom Controll button "11"
- Define your Custom Controll button "12" to toggle "Show all avialable Points on a vehicle" ON or OFF (i hate descriptions...)

Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Keyboard -> DropDownMenu "Custom Controls" -> Select "User Action 11" -> Assign a button ("F" is suitable) -> Done.
Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Keyboard -> DropDownMenu "Custom Controls" -> Select "User Action 12" -> Assign a button ("F10" is suitable) -> Done.

=========== COMPABILITY ===========

- Since 0.2: 99.9% of the A3-Vanilla Vehicles (incl. DevTool for easy Mod-Support)

- All Arma 3 Vanilla Buildings (incl. Tanoa)

- All CUP Buildings

- IFA3 (follows - currently in developement)

- Westwall (follows)
Workshop: -TBA-

- M1lkm8n's Buildings (Jbad!!) (note: "soon")

=========== MISSION SETUP ===========

There is nothing you need to do (OBE starts automaticaly).

=========== SERVER SETUP ===========

Put the .bikey in the "Keys" Folder of your Server. Nothing else (No, the addon doesn't need to be loaded on the Server)

=========== PLANNED FEATURES ===========

- ESC-Menu Interface, to customize the IconColor,Textsize and something else that i just forgot...
- Ladder support
- Adding specific animations, when destroying Glass


Any further questions? -> ReadMe
The ReadMe can (mostly) be found in " C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@OBE (OneButtonEnhancement) " (Or wherever your Steam is installed)

Any more questions?
Channel: #OBE

Additional Info:
This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except for the original IP-Owner ("Dscha").
This means: You are NOT allowed to upload it to the Steam-Workshop!
Do yourself a favor and create a Steam Workshop Collection, it makes yours (and all other lifes) much more easier.
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=SAGA=Chimery Sep 19 @ 12:14pm 
that is good enough, thank you for your great work. did you check the bug on the plane A-164 of DLC? actually A-10 also got that bug. I can't find the vanilla option to be driver on those planes. however, I can still get on A-10 by the button of this mod, A-164 will be totally unable to be driven.
Dscha  [author] Sep 18 @ 11:20am 
CUP - Doors will be available after the next CUP-TerrainUpdate. I already updated all the Buildings in it.

RHS - This must be added by you guys, i am inactive in Arma.
=SAGA=Chimery Sep 17 @ 11:46am 
And could this mod be compatiable for CUP doors? Forget CUP last time.
=SAGA=Chimery Sep 16 @ 8:52am 
love this Mod a lot. however, would it be compatiable for other great mods, like RHS? Also, a bug report: this mod makes player not able to get in A-164. Thank you for your great mod!
ZoomBlitz Sep 10 @ 7:35am 
Can you make iot possible to open the door slowly
Dscha  [author] Jul 19 @ 7:54am 
It's wayyy to warm right now. Checkout the DevVersion, if you wan't to test out the Settings-Screen (No Server-Key so yet, comes with official Release)
Dscha  [author] Jul 18 @ 4:31am 
OBE works with CBA (just tested)
+Keep in mind: Only Vanilla Vehicles are currently supported!
Darth Jimmi Jul 17 @ 1:35pm 
does this not work with CBA?
Cauz' most of my mods need CBA and i have my usual modlist enabled and i cant enter vehicles.
♡TK♡ Jul 2 @ 3:51am 
Sloths are cool.
Dscha  [author] Jul 1 @ 2:02pm 
rgr that ;)
RC of OBE V0.3 pushed to the DevRepo

- Added: Settings Menu (No Stringtable-Support for now - Follows later)
- Added: Korean to Stringtable