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Vinland: Arctic Assault
Genre: Action, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 12:09pm

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Take your place at the helm, and make history into legend.

Join Leif Erikson, the intrepid explorer and help guide him and his crew to the fabled lands which would one day become known as Vinland. Each step of the journey includes different challenges that must be overcome, testing the skill of even the most talented seafarer. You can expect to meet powerful witches, vengeful bishops, the restless dead, even the gods seem to be against you as the sea provides an ever present threat.

The biggest obstacles in your way however are the massive fields of ice that you must force a way through. These icebergs can take on different characteristics ranging from peacefully drifting mountains of ice off the coast of Greenland, to a veritable blizzard of sharp, shredding ice on the shores of Vinland.

How you overcome these challenges is up to you, Leif is a cunning captain well able to manoeuvre his ship around the worst of the obstacles, while deploying the trademark Viking aggression and tenacity at the more stubborn bergs and launching all the vicious weapons of war at his disposal to clear a path.

  • Simple controls and a good tutorial will have you hurtling towards the New World in minutes.
  • Hand-sculpted levels provide a dramatic backdrop on this voyage of discovery.
  • Meet and overcome many challenges from the mundane to the mystical.
  • Customise your ship by choosing the class of vessel best suited to how you want to play, arm it with a wide variety of weapons and crew it with only the best of Viking society.
  • Weapons are all finely balanced, and each has their own unique characteristics ranging from the rapid fire of the short bow, the throwing hammer rebounding between bergs, to the raging inferno of Ragnarok.
  • Story based on the forthcoming novel Vinland: Revelations by Gareth L B Kay
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Apr 18 @ 8:47pm
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[Bicharrakos] plankton Nov 4 @ 7:13am 
mmm not bad!!! nice game =)
Mr. Norat Sep 30 @ 6:55am 
Interesting idea, but it seems that you will spend most of the gameplay destroying ice... Not sure if i would buy it...
kronenbourg731 Aug 28 @ 2:25pm 
BFG-9000 Jul 14 @ 9:14pm 
Nice game! Yes! Voted!
Candy&Sound Jul 1 @ 4:12am 
not bad!~
Viking14Hunter Jun 30 @ 10:55am 
I would be interested in this game concept,I always thought it would be nice to have a game that would follow the routes and adventures of the Vikings through history to the east,west and south around the world.Towns and cities they have founded etc... On the scale of Total War. "I like your idea,good luck with it."
Pops Jun 30 @ 8:25am 
um...not bad :D
Domassa Jun 28 @ 4:44am 
Might be interesting!
Justicar Alaric Jun 25 @ 4:29am 
Am very intrested to see more of this. Good Idea!
MikeyD Jun 22 @ 9:03am 
I love destroying ice.