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Mos Speedrun
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:46am
Jan 18, 2013 @ 12:55pm

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Release date: Feb 2012
[Please check out some of the user submitted speedrun videos above!]

Ready for release!

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Mos Speedrun is the original speedrunning platformer, totally designed around speedrunning and getting the fastest times possible. We have honed every level to provide a great experience with no (well, hardly any) unexpected/unavoidable deaths (We're looking at you, Sonic)

Jump, dodge and race Mos through 25 glorious stages of fast paced retro platforming action!

With exceptionally clever level design, gorgeous pixellated graphics and solid platform dynamics you'll want to keep playing and playing.

Find secret areas, collect the spooky hidden skulls, grab every coin, and, once you get fast, you can try to beat the speed-run time! There really is something for all skill levels, from casual to hard-core gamers.

Each level has 4 challenges (level completion, speedrun, complete object collection, hidden object locating), each of these challenges gives the player a “badge”, and in order to progress to another level (each level has 5 stages) a certain number of badges must be won. There are 12 cool costumes to unlock throughout the game, see if you can find every spooky ghost and you'll get a new costume for each one.

What the reviews have said:
“pick this one up with confidence.” - ( 4/4 MUST HAVE! )
“an instant classic, refuelling our primal gaming needs.” - TouchGen ( 4/5 Editors Choice! )
“don’t hesitate to give Mos Speedrun a try.” - Touch Arcade
"it's one of those games you'll find yourself continuously playing." -
"Fans of tough platformers .. should jump on this deal immediately." - (9/10)
"a compulsive race against yourself" - (8/10)
"Mos Speedrun is a must-have title and one of the freshest experiences currently on Apple devices." - Daily Record (4/5)

RELIVE the golden age of 8 bit graphics and chip tunes!
DIE a lot, and be accompanied through the level by hoards of replay ghosts!
FIND secret online levels on your favourite web sites!
FIND the secret ghosts to unlock new costumes!

The game is written in C++ and is available on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Linux and Android devices.

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Farcheg Jul 23 @ 7:49am 
Nice :3
Heavy Unit Jul 14 @ 9:15pm 
Nice game! Yes! Voted!
Ann Vasper Jul 7 @ 9:07am 
Good luck! Nice game!
fuRy Jun 24 @ 11:52am 
๖Scumbag DomenickOwnz(NL) Jun 21 @ 5:15pm 
ULTP Jun 14 @ 5:39am 
Very nice music too
Loculas Jun 9 @ 9:30pm 
Good luck!
Youth! Full Power!! Jun 8 @ 6:58am 
Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
i enjoy fast-paced games and games these days have too much down time for you to take a break
PrettzL May 8 @ 12:55pm 
FINALLY! A rage game that doesn't exclusively use SPIKES.