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Space Salvager
Platforms: PC
Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:34am
Mar 11 @ 6:32am

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Science Fiction Gamez
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Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 5
Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Patch Notes (Fixed)
Release date: August 2013
A space opera focused on you: your choices shape your destiny.

Forge your own path, your own destiny. Live on the fringes of society and pick the bones of the fallen. Become a miner and trawl the constellation for exotic ores. Take the fight to wherever you choose, hunting pirates and renegades from port to port.

You choose what ship to use, what metal to make it out of, what equipment to put on it. You choose what to specialise in, the more you play the better you become, the more you use something the better it becomes. You choose where to go, what missions to take, where to fly and when. There are threats, the unforgiving cartel, unstable wreckage and even mining asteroids can be lethal. Never fly alone with local co-operative play.

Space Salvager: live your own epic space adventure!

Regularly updated with additional content.[]
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Mar 2 @ 12:51am
What do you want to see added?
Nov 8, 2013 @ 1:54pm
Nov 17, 2013 @ 9:54am
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Mayor Thankovsky Apr 17 @ 2:12am 
Definately a yes from me. Looks interesting.
Lugana707  [author] Apr 15 @ 1:16am 
@bar.pys Thankyou, that means a lot to me. :)
bar.pys Apr 14 @ 3:11pm 
Sounds good, game is fun without it anyways :D

Sorry to hear about IGS troubles - you are not the first Dev who complains about the hardship of getting to PWYW on IGS. In case of Space Salvager i am afraid that too little amount of people spoke up when your game was suggested :(

Too bad for everyone involved, the game is cool!
Lugana707  [author] Apr 14 @ 12:01pm 
@bar.pys Thanyou! With all the trouble it's been to get it on the IGS 'pay what you want' I might just release that ship in the main game.
bar.pys Apr 13 @ 4:33pm 
Hey again- couldn't wait any longer, bought the game on Desura :D
Argh, forgot about IGS bonous ship :X
zaiom m. Mar 22 @ 4:45am 
Not bad +1
Vedro228 Mar 15 @ 11:14pm 
Not bad
Prod Mar 12 @ 4:37am 
The game looks quite good, however i can see it needs a bit of UI help. I really like the idea of only being able to see in cone in front of you, adds a sense of adventure to the game but also a bit of caution.
Lugana707  [author] Mar 11 @ 6:32am 
HombreFelipe Mar 10 @ 6:16pm 
Is there a demo available?