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Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:24am

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Huge Spacebit Update incoming!

Spacebit is an indie game currently in Alpha released to a growing community while we improve and add features to Spacebit. Spacebit is an amazing survival game which has many unique unheard of features in a survival game, including buffing and debuffing, spaceship creation, cattle stealing, and ability to build your own army.

Did you ever want to build a spaceship to search for new planets or die trying in the deep void of space? Well, in SpaceBit that's what its all about. You can dig down into the ground and dig into caves. The exploration of planets, asteroids or even suns is totaly up to you. The universe is randomly generated when you start a new game so there's always a chance to start a new world and still have the feeling of being lost while trying to survive.

In Spacebit, you will, in the future, be able to construct vehicles, build buildings, train armies, make items and remedy potions from materials you find all over the universe.

Spacebit will offer great visuals and physics including Strategy army management which allows you to build and maintain a collection of your own custom made spaceships to control through AI, as well as some ground build-able units which help you gather and farm resources.

We upload new versions daily, and currently you can support Spacebit by purchasing the special $15 package which contains extra goodies at through Paypal, "the safe way to pay online"

Build your galaxy, control it and dominate with it online.

Tell your friends about Spacebit! You can get a headstart by buying it now and building your planet to your desire. Multiplayer and spaceship creation isn't far away. Soon, you'll be able to invade your friend's planets to steal their resources, abduct their cattle, destroy their buildings... Or you can just broker an alliance and live peacefully... The choice is entirely up to you!
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Jul 2 @ 9:16am
SpaceBit Feedback
General Jeno
< >
Heavy Unit Jul 14 @ 9:17pm 
Nice game! Yes! Voted!
lujafeto1983 Jul 5 @ 3:51pm 
I like survival games and it looks interesting in concept. im going to try it for sure :)
General Jeno  [author] Jul 2 @ 9:11am 
Hey everyone!
Thanks for your kind words and support!
With all of your help, I'm actually sure we can get SpaceBit greenlit!
Ben (the game's sole developer) has just become a father and is naturally busy, but when things settle down (and they apparently already are) Spacebit will get worked on once again.
If you have the game, please don't hesitate to give us some feedback! Not everything in the game is 100% set in stone yet, so your input might well make it into the game!
Ryven Kael Jun 26 @ 4:36pm 
This looks fun. I'm down
tokisha Jun 25 @ 6:37pm 
Can't wait
DarkReaper006 Jun 19 @ 12:21pm 
Looks exciting ^_^
-=BabkA=- Jun 18 @ 2:51pm 
GuiFighteR May 29 @ 10:01am 
ritz.blodhgarm May 9 @ 12:48am 
keep up a good work
H₂O May 5 @ 2:29am 
Looks good :)