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Transrapid MAGLEV (Long)
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May 20 @ 3:17am
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Transrapid MAGLEV (Long)

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Unleash the power of Tesla.

Transrapid is a German developed high-speed monorail train using magnetic levitation. Planning for the Transrapid system started in 1969 with a test facility for the system in Emsland, Germany completed in 1987. In 1991, technical readiness for application was approved by the Deutsche Bundesbahn in cooperation with renowned universities.

The current application-ready version, the Transrapid 09, is designed for a cruising speed of 500 km/h (311 mph) and allows acceleration and deceleration of approximately 1 m/s2 (2.24 mi/min2)

Technical Details

  • Line Colored
  • Passenger capacity: 600 (Real life is 574)
  • Maximum speed: Maximum game can allow
  • Number of cars: 3+1

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* Use Advanced Vehicle Editor to replace the last car.

* LONG CARS. I'd recommend to use on straight or curved lines, just like trains.

* Use Traffic Manager to remove speed limits on monorails.

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HoboG 2 hours ago 
Go Suisse
REV0  [author] 2 hours ago 
In Germany perhaps, Switzerland is considering to buy the rights and build a maglev network between Geneva and Zurich

*laughs in Swiss Francs*
HoboG 2 hours ago 
Guess what, Transrapid is dead :P
Chimera76 May 25 @ 9:13am 
@Angelhearth: Search for Transrapid and Emsland and you will find some videos about the test track like this
.korbitr May 24 @ 2:58pm 
Hey, the Shanghai MagLev! I might be riding this train IRL when I go to China in a few days...
PowerPyxeL May 23 @ 9:20am 
@Angelhearth you ment Emsland "Transrapid".. you can find videos from the last years about on youtube
TheGoldenMan99 May 23 @ 6:31am 
In nur 10 Minuten steigen Sie in den Hauptbahnhof ein!
Marinus May 23 @ 12:39am 
I already using your 1st monorail train, turn it into 'maglev', going at blazing speed of 450km/h
Angelhearth May 22 @ 2:00pm 
I visited Siemens in Nürnberg in 1980 (could have been 1979) and they had a small monorail test area, but I find nothing about it on the net. Guess that was a very early version of this.
AJ1304 May 22 @ 2:14am 
Amazing. Great to see some amazing content and also so quickly after release. Are you planning on doing the Von Roller Monorail (I think it was called the Stern Berger Mate as a 3 car set in CiM2)? Growing up in Sydney it was such a familiar site until they pulled it down 3 years ago.