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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:49am

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Stained Game WalkThrough
Stained Demo (Does Not Contain The Control Configuration)
Release date: November 2012
Enter the world of Stained. The castle you will explore is mysterious, dangerous and full of thousands of sharp pieces of broken glass. You are a mysterious, stranger wielding a rather sharp instrument yourself, capable of breaking them into smaller pieces. Which is good, because broken things in this castle have a tendency to piece themselves back together in a multitude of forms, each deadlier than the last and all vowing vengeance on whoever broke them.

That's usually you.

A sidescrolling action-platformer with a healthy dose of puzzle solving and multiple weapons to hack and slash your way through a myriad of enemy varieties.

Key Features

Random Experiences - Events are determined by the combination of glass pieces that litter the ground, leading to a variety of different stained monsters.

Temporary Victory - Victory is usually temporary, as defeated enemies can form again, or reassemble into entirely new enemies giving players a mentally stimulating game play.

Explore Castle – Explore the world of sprawling castle, be aware of the hidious scourge ruling the castle and find your way to survive

Intense Action – Intense Action with color full stained glass creatures. Fight with plenty of Unique Stained Monsters and bosses at regular intervals.

Solving Puzzles – stained offers variety of puzzles including in-game tangram puzzle editor.

Unique Weapons - Unique Weapons featuring different ways to shatter the glass. Hook your self to the walls and slide.

Control Options - Supports both mouse/keyboard and Xbox 360 gamepad.

Level Editor - A level editor build in blender.

System Requirement:
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (At least 1 GB of RAM)
  • Graphics Card (At least 512 MB of memory, nVidia 8800/9400 GT or later recommended)

Download Stained Demo :
  • Demo Link

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  • Preview of Stained:

    Originally posted by Gamezone:
    Stained delivers a nice combination of action and platforming
    view full post:

    Originally posted by indiegames:
    Your parents may have told you never to run with scissors but they said nothing about scythes.
    view full post:

    Originally posted by Dogaming:
    Stained is much more than a conventional side-scrolling game

    Originally posted by gamezebo:
    Stained looks to shatter platformer predictability
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realaxis  [author] Apr 16 @ 5:19am 
I appreciate your opinion, we are hugely inspired by Trine and though our environments and look feel falls into that genre, I must add stained has a unique game play. Regarding multiplayer yes there is a plan, but thinking of doing it in a different way.
DaHoboAtWalMart Apr 13 @ 3:30pm 
Looks good, but we already have Trine 1 and 2. Any plans for multiplayer?
realaxis  [author] Apr 13 @ 2:01am 
Thanks All for the upvote!
GRUMPY CAT Apr 11 @ 5:17am 
Looks Good
vaneesa337 Apr 8 @ 12:07am 
faire en français, S'il vous plaît
ameliem354 Apr 6 @ 4:27am 
Nice game.
Big Blue Mar 8 @ 12:30pm 
Hope Steam share my opinion...really nice game!
Brutal Ass Master Mar 6 @ 9:06am 
Looks pretty sweet, good luck guys.
Azul Raele Feb 8 @ 6:28am 
Nice song
LiaraRaziela Jan 27 @ 1:50pm 
Not many 2d platformers catch my eye these days but this certainly has. Would love to play it!