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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:28am

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  • 10/3: Added random weather effects (snow/rain/etc) and updated the user interface (different visual theme as well as a different format for the hotbar).

  • 9/14: Redid the backgrounds. They are now randomly generated at runtime and include multiple layers of parallax scrolling.

Understand that this is NOT a finished game. The current images and video show the most recent version of the BUILDING aspect of the game. The game is not purely sandbox, that just happened to be what was functional at the time of Greenlight launching and what we felt might interest people the most.

There will be an ADVENTURE mode that will be more like an RPG. This will contain static (human designed) worlds, monsters, and quests. This is a primary focus of the game (the building aspect is in addition to this, providing alternative means of player advancement and a mode that can be played with friends of any level).

We are currently working on this mode of play and plan to have a video up shortly (1-2 weeks from August 31 by the end of September) as well as a demo that demonstrates the aforementioned ways of playing the game as well as some of the improvements over current building games (UI being a major one, which we intentionally left out of the initial set of images/video).
UPDATE 10/3: We have decided to postpone the demo until we are able to get the game into a more accurate representation of the final version. This involves reworking multiple aspects of the game and are thus unable to provide a timeline. We will not release an unfinished product.

As a final note, we would not be working on a game unless we felt that we could improve the genre. We understand how you would think we were not doing so based on the current images/video, but know that there is much more in store than what you see right now.


Diggle is an independent 2D side scrolling action RPG that allows you to play in a variety of different ways. In adventure mode, you must embark on a quest where you visit mysterious lands and defeat monsters for justice. In survival mode, you must gather materials and craft powerful pieces of equipment in order to make it through the night. In creative mode, you have an unlimited number of resources to build whatever your heart desires.


Adventure mode features a single-player campaign with an awesome story line. An elderly man is looking for an adventurer to retrieve his stolen possessions. However, no one is up to the challenge because they are afraid to leave their small town. The elderly man eventually convinces you to go on the quest. You are then required to fight your way through various environments and slay everything that gets in your way. It is not an easy task but it must be done for the greater good of helping the old. Are you up to the challenge?


Survival mode features a randomly generated world with resources you have to gather yourself. You are required to dig, mine, and chop for materials. Materials can then be used to craft placeable objects, potions, tools, weapons, and armor. However, it is not an easy task for there are monsters to stop you from doing so. Different monsters are randomly spawned above the ground, below the ground, during the day, and the during the night. Additionally, the deeper you dig the more powerful they become. You must craft better equipment in order to continue working towards your goal of reaching the bottom of the map. What is at the bottom of the map you ask? It could be a giant piece of cake... or it could be something much more sinister!


Creative mode features a randomly generated world with unlimited resources. Objects can be placed instantly and they can be removed just as fast. You are not required to gather materials or craft anything to build the castle of your dreams. You start with a fully maxed out character with absolutely everything unlocked. Various aspects of the game can be turned off as well. For example, you can turn off the day/night cycle and monster spawns if you so desire. The only limitation in creative mode is your imagination.

  • Sandbox: Completely destructible environment for certain modes of play.
  • Random Worlds: Experience a unique environment every time you create a new world.
  • Multiplayer Support: Play with your friends in survival mode and creative mode online or via LAN.
  • Hero Customization: Adjust your character's hair style, facial hair style, hair color, skin color, and armor color at any time.
  • Single Player Campaign: Adventure through a series of quests.
  • Character Progression: Become more powerful as you play through the game.
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