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Death Ray Manta:The Videogame
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:25am
Nov 13 @ 10:52am
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Death Ray Manta Greenlit
I want a dinosaur.
Release date: September 2012
This is Death Ray Manta

Death Ray Manta (DRM) is a single stick shooter where you play a fish with lasers who has blown up his house and now lives in space. Take control of the Death Ray Manta yourself and clear wave after wave of colourful enemies with the ultimate aim of scoring 64.

Death Ray Manta is a pure arcade experience in the spirit of Eugene Jarvis and Jeff Minter, a brightly coloured tribute to the arcade game with a modern neon hue. With effects only possible through modern technology, Death Ray Manta harnesses the power of the modern PC to flash lights at people in lots of colours whilst staying true to the gameplay spirit of the arcade.

Can you score 64?

Death Ray Manta:The Future

If DRM gets greenlit then I'm not just going to throw it straight up the pipe, nopers. I'll spend time making it as good a fit for Steam as I possibly can. At the very least I'm fairly certain I'll be able to wangle in trading cards, badges and achievements. What else? We'll see.

Naturally enough, keys for bundles are a given providing no-one "upstairs" has any problems with that.

Death Ray Manta: The Past

Death Ray Manta also coming soon for Playstation Vita, as mentioned by Shuhei Yoshida.

Sony President Trolls Everyone - Kotaku

8/10 in Edge Magazine, 8/10 from Eurogamer with a spot at the 2012 Eurogamer Expo, 5/5 editors choice in Tap! Magazine, 4/5 from 148 Apps, 5/5 RGCD.

From the developer of the SYNSO series and creator of the challenge waves in Waves, Death Ray Manta is available for Windows and Mac, enjoying a successful run on iOS and now new to Android devices also.

Vote yes to get Death Ray Manta on Steam

Originally posted by Edge Magazine:
The light displays are something else, too: you’re born, each round, in the midst of a blizzard of rainbow particles, and your foes fragment in a rich neon shower under impact, staining the 2D world with their reds, greens, purples and pinks. The background shifts and warps as the game projects endless LED bursts of encouragement, and the relentlessly euphoric soundtrack only adds to the over-powering atmosphere. 8/10

Originally posted by Rock Paper Shotgun:
It’s looking rather beautiful.

Originally posted by 148 Apps:
The game is perfect for pick up and play, and has plenty of satisfying fast-paced action and insanity to be definitely worth checking out.

Originally posted by Eurogamer:
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, but thankfully we can now consign this ugly initialism to the funeral pyre of justice. Burn! And rise, Death Ray Manta, a googly-eyed Elasmobranchii that shoots lasers, kills things, and would never dream of restricting your access.

Originally posted by RGCD:
Explosions are wonderful novae of light and flare and with it being a laser spam arena blaster there's explosions EVERYWHERE by a few stages in. Our goggle eyed manta hero pukes electric death fire as an unseen narrator passes textual comment on the bottom of the screen: "Please Sir, I cannot tell a lie. DEATH RAY MANTA hit a pink robot in the face with a laser"

Originally posted by Rob Fearon:
Absolutely brilliant!

Get Death Ray Manta for Windows and Mac from

Friends of Death Ray Manta

As well as wanting to see Death Ray Manta on Steam, I'm also someone who buys *lots* of games on Steam and there's a couple I'd really want in my library but I can't have that until they get through Greenlight. If you fancy giving them a leg up too, that'd be *massively* appreciated as they're things I'd really, really like to pay money for again and would do quite happily. Hopefully, you'll like them too.

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Edge Magazine [8/10]

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You finally made it out of greenlight limbo! Congratulations; I know it was tough for quite some time. Well done on sticking with it. :)
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Yumabillion Nov 18 @ 5:07pm 
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Get in, you gorgeous bastard! :D
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In your face, Yumabillion -- in the nicest way possible. It's Greenlit!
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When will it be out on not-steam? im osrry but i dont think its moving anywhere soon ;-;
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Another Beat Hazard clone?! LIKE IT +1 VOTED UP
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how many votes does it need?
the lights, the colors, the dreams!!