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in Space
Genre: Action, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:09am
Aug 9, 2013 @ 6:34am

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in Space is 50% off in the Not on Steam Sale!
in Space Interview
Release date: OUT NOW!
Windows, Mac and Linux demos available at, or if you have a Desura account, you can download the demo that way from

All the way from the arcades of pixel-world comes in Space, a fast-paced procedurally generated infinite round-based action and match-three puzzle game hybrid with persistent upgrades, mad difficulty options, and a pumping soundtrack.

“Doesn’t require taking mushrooms” – Joseph Bernstein, Kill Screen.

in Space is a game that combines simple mechanics to create engaging gameplay, and with each unlocked ship comes different weapons that change how you play, from the immensely destructive quadrubeam of the Starship Pacifist, to the time manipulating powers of the Death Cloud, the explosive assassination techniques of the Sniper’s Hand, and the ability to reform space itself held by the Mouse of the Fourth Wall.

“Unabashedly retro yet forward thinking at the same time” - Nick Tylwalk, GameZebo (4.5 out of 5).

The entire game is wrapped in the aesthetic of an Atari 2600, with music by Matthew le Blanc. It features four modes, including Match Three and Survival, no load times, one boss fight, and enemies that will test the very fibre of your being.

in Space, no one can hear you match three.

It is out now on Desura for $2.99/€2.49/£1.99 where it can be downloaded DRM-free after purchase without needing to install the Desura client, and will be priced the same on Steam. More information is available on the website.


You can match three.

You can shoot things.

Highscores measure how good you are at matching three, and at shooting things.

There are eight unlockable ships that shoot things in different ways.

Infinite levels.

You can match three.
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kypronite Sep 1 @ 4:06am 
Dude, stop spamming your pet project to steam green light.
lionheart7751 Aug 17 @ 7:48am 
STVR Aug 12 @ 9:05am 
I want the guy in the video to be the mascot for everything
dev*Spats Aug 4 @ 8:15pm 
I like the style but sadly this game probably won't get voted onto steam in a while/ever... +1 Vote
Droid-E Jul 20 @ 4:23pm 
Marshmallo Man Jul 19 @ 4:52am 
This game looks awesome!!! :D
BFG-9000 Jul 14 @ 9:11pm 
Nice game! Yes! Voted!
superboyC Jul 3 @ 5:53pm 
ADD DIS PLLZ!!!!!!!!!!
Paintgamer Jun 27 @ 10:44am