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Zombie Hunt : Free to Play
May 19 @ 10:08am
May 22 @ 1:20pm
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Early Access Announced:
Release date: 2017
This Endless survival shooter floods you with the wave of zombies in a forest that you have never experienced. The dynamic day and night cycle makes you go blind at night with terror. It makes more fun to kill zombies and unlock special items by solving puzzles. The unreal visuals will have you on the edge of your seat.

For early access
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Play through the arena until the highest score is achieved.Survive in the forest as long as you can.

1.Dynamic Weather
2.Day and Night cycle
3.Endless Zombies

1.Ammo Reload
2.Infinite Ammo
3.Land mines

This game is designed and developed by an individual person . Please support and encourage the work of an individual.

Dev Company:

Designer & Developer:
Karthick M.E
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Nostro ♛ ▶ ▶ Jun 13 @ 2:07pm 
Red Moon Games Jun 6 @ 10:22am 
I totally understand you, me too I'm developing a game as a single developer
Zaphy Jun 6 @ 5:02am 
Being a single developer doesn't mean you have the excuse to put up these asset filled shit piles
I myself have been working on my own game and it definitely is not shit
iqube  [author] Jun 5 @ 9:32pm 
need manpower. i am a single developer @Red moon Games
Red Moon Games Jun 4 @ 1:38pm 
You clearly have talent and the game looks quite good but ... Try to make something more original. Try something new. Dare
Zaphy May 26 @ 5:16am 
the zombies are clearly an asset
iqube  [author] May 25 @ 3:29am 
@Badnik96 I'm selling the assets only which i created not bought for free. You are so dumb to see that
Karl Pilkington May 25 @ 12:39am 
another one of these? no wonder you have raised 0 money. asset flip + no original ideas = crying that you're a solo college student so we shouldn't expect better. pathetic.
Badnik96 May 24 @ 10:01pm 
so you bought a bunch of assets, mashed them together and are now trying to fund that by RE-SELLING THE ASSETS on indiegogo

if this isnt scraping the bottom of the scum barrel then i dont know what is
FenrirGames May 24 @ 7:23am 
Looks promising. Will the zombies look even more different? Thumbs up!