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Crimson sword saga II: The tower of Brax
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 18 @ 4:18am
Jun 4 @ 9:09am
Release date: Fourth Quarter 2017
The game takes place in the fictional land of Pelora -which is still in turmoil by the war- and the tower of Brax. The story centers on four heroes who must investigate the tower and find the crimson sword. It is inspired by vagrant story.

1/3 of the script here:

The game is a dungeon-RPG and has no player interaction with other characters; instead, the game focuses on a job system, exploration as well as elements of puzzle-solving. It borrows many popular gameplay elements from final fantasy 5 and bravely default.

A RPG which features:
- ATB-based combat
- 32 unique class
- around 400 unique skills
- A dark and unforgettable storyline
- All at a fan-friendly price (0.99$).

For more information, please visit the game blog:

Here is a link to the website of my co-worker David Chang:
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game writer guy  [author] Jun 16 @ 7:56pm 
@ Badnik96 That's a fair point. I wanted to do original character assets for this one, but David N's the boss on this project. C'est la vie...! The price is $.99, less if you get it with a bundle, so it's a low-risk proposition.
game writer guy  [author] Jun 16 @ 7:53pm 
@ Karl Pilk: You're entitled to your opinion. Peloran Wars was our first game and I feel it delivers a lot for the money. Sounds like you haven't played it. Play the demo and see if you agree. Or let us know when you finish your first game and we'll be happy to give you an honest review.

@ roninator2: Yeah, this video is based on David N's original script, which is a bit rough. I've emailed him asking him to update it. Thanks for your note!
Badnik96 May 24 @ 10:16pm 
while i'm sure a lot of effort was put into the writing of this game, no one will take it seriously because you decided to use stock rpgmaker assets. it just doesn't look like it's worth my money.
david.nguyen  [author] May 23 @ 9:20am 
Yes, I must admit the game is very generic, graphics and music are all default asset.
And I did put no efforts in these parts of the game.

My main gameplay inspiration is FF5 but the complexity of the
gameplay for a SNES game is simply amazing.
I did use gamefaqs and FF5 spirits to try to replicate it,
but I did simplify a lot of gameplay elements.

No rows formation, no mimic, dual cast and dual wield skills (but they are broken anyway)
for example. I think the balance in my game is really good.

I really enjoyed Bravely Default despite some flaws:
the gameplay was completely broken
and the final part was a letdown.
But what I liked in this game is its modern take on jrpg gameplay.

Vagrant Story is truly an incredible game: the writing, the story, the music, gameplay and characters are all really wonderful.

And I didn't quite like Chrono Trigger.

I appreciate that you did take the time to write a comment.
Vurahn May 22 @ 11:02pm 
I can't say NO effort was put into this one, but it's still among the pack of generic, asset-filled RPGMaker titles with iffy translation.

FF5 can never be replicated, and Bravely Default sucked. I never played Vagrant Story, but I'll give you massive credit for picking (technically) three RPGs to list as inspiration that are NOT "Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger". I never thought I'd see that happen, so kudos.

That being said, there is nothing I see that is worth my time over another similar title.
david.nguyen  [author] May 22 @ 2:20pm 
Mon précédent jeu (fait avec RPG maker Vx ace et les RTP) était sur
J'ai eu en tout 3 téléchargements!
Sur steam Je suis passé à environ 3000 téléchargements!
(C'est vraiment le jour et la nuit!)

Je connais aussi le site oniromancie,
Je viens de recruter une personne compétente pour le mapping.
Et c'est vrai qu'il aurait une bien meilleure réception
et plus de téléchargements là-bas.

Je suis en désaccord avec toi (tu peux me tutoyer) sur un point,
mon projet est certes amateur et modeste mais qu'il soit sur steam
ne dérange personne. Si mon jeu n'intéresse pas un tel
il ne l'achètera pas, tout simplement...
ChaoticPesme[FR] May 22 @ 12:43pm 
@david.nguyen Dans ce cas là mettez le jeu sur un site spécialisé dans RPG Maker, ou même sur où ce serait vachement plus approprié.
Je n'ai rien contre les jeux RPG Maker (j'en ai fait moi même), mais le fait que beacoup d'utilisateurs de RPG Maker pensent qu'ils peuvent vendre leur petit projet amateur sur Steam en toute facilité me dérange. Steam est un magasin pour des professionels, et honnêtement ce jeu n'a pas sa place ici. Il serait beaucoup mieux sur un site spécialisé (et beaucoup mieux toléré) et aurait de bien meilleures reviews parce que ça s'adresse à un publique spécifique. Je pense que vous ne connaitrez pas le succès esconté sur Steam par rapport à un autre site comme . A partir de cela, se sera possible de lancer votre jeu, mais je pense qu'il est impossible de commencer par Steam.
david.nguyen  [author] May 22 @ 12:16pm 
Un français, ça fait plaisir!
Je ne peux qu'admettre que le jeu est générique.
J'ai toujours privilégié le fond plutôt que la forme
et cela m'a déjà été reproché.

Comme dit plus bas je prends un grand plaisir à utiliser RPG maker
et c'est vraiment gratifiant de savoir que des gens
ont apprécié mon précédent jeu, et que d'autres
apprécieront celui-ci.

Ce sera mon dernier jeu RPG maker.
J'ai d'autres projets et idées mais comme dit sur mon blog,
je ne vais pas spammer Greenlight comme le font certain.
Je suis prêt à utiliser steam direct à la place.
ChaoticPesme[FR] May 22 @ 10:12am 
"Generic RPG Maker game with default assets #458969" would be a better name. Seriously, GL is walking towards its death but that's no reason to make it suffer !
david.nguyen  [author] May 19 @ 3:27am 
@ Dramatical Noiz
Same as me, I am an avid gamer of jrpgs
and I don't write review either.
Can't wait to read your review!