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Free the Animation
May 18 @ 3:46am
May 18 @ 6:04am

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Play to reveal images and 3D models.
Play to kill monsters and free rooms and spaces.
Virtual reality mode.
Augmented reality mode.
Carousel with images.
Use provided and custom 360-degree panoramic images.
Use provided and custom 3D models.
Use custom 360-degree videos.
Use camera input.
Prepare background images, filter images and add 3D objects to images.
For a demo:

Additional Notes (from the version 6.10.8, important improvements ):
- You need Windows 10 Creators Update to test the game in VR mode (Microsoft Edge with WebVR support), or you can use the polyfill mode.
- The images and the video have been taken before entering in VR mode and have been taken in polyfill mode.
- The purpose is to indicate the different possibilities. You are not obliged to use them simultaneously.
- You must customize a maximum of things with the keyboard and the buttons before entering in VR mode.
- The music in the video is not a part of the game.
- In VR mode, you will not see the buttons. The field of vision is more reduced.
- For the more modest configurations, The FPS can follow the screen refresh rate if you tune the "Settings" parameters.
- The augmented reality mode can be very useful. Just, skip the game mode. One can easily position and control tens and even hundreds of objects in the space.
- You can remove the 3D models or use a custom 3D model.
- You can use only your own panoramas and/or your own images.
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Eggsalad Surpreme May 20 @ 11:54pm 
Looks like you got high on LSD, blacked out, woke up with this on your computer and decided it was the perfect thing to submit to steam. No thanks.
Squadalaxd® May 20 @ 12:29pm 
Garbage, no.
The Guy May 19 @ 9:19pm 
because steam doesn't have enough shitty low effort puzzle games already May 18 @ 11:21am 
Fuexline May 18 @ 11:10am 
btw did you know what happend if you delete comments? 1. people will think you are a shady dev who delete critics to make money 2. people think yyour game is so worse that you need to delete comments to let the game loke like better then it is 3. people think you wont hear bad critics and this is the main problem if many people telling you that your game is trash then it is trash
Fuexline May 18 @ 11:08am 
resubmitted garbage dont know why people re submitting a game when they faild the first time
MLP_Simta May 18 @ 10:06am 
Looks like a mess.
wilco64256 May 18 @ 9:35am 
Yeah you already convinced me you can't be trusted when you resubmitted this same thing for no good reason and then openly stated that you'll delete any comments you feel aren't adequately constructive. No thanks.
whmsoft  [author] May 18 @ 9:29am 
Hello. I am looking for all the constructive comments. That is more constructive than the previous. I will delete non constructive comments like "Please Stop", ... A game is not only a presentation. I am looking for comments on the game which is almost finished (the controllers are planned). Thanks.
⎛⎝GreenlightCop⎠⎞ May 18 @ 8:21am 
Please Stop...