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eco's Camping Decor
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May 15, 2017 @ 11:52am
Aug 5, 2017 @ 10:28am
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eco's Camping Decor

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MOD ID: 926567353

Decorative items for a wonderful camping experience!

100% Stackable Mod

All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.)
If item is destroyed, after placing, it will return the exact amount of materials used to create it.
Engram cost: 0
Level needed to learn engram: 1
All items have HP

Mod includes:

Backpack (crafting bag) with the following:
Campfire (Cooks meat 2x as fast)
Canoe (With reverse)
Lantern (Placeable)
Hand Lantern
Hunting Trophy
Log Seating
Sleeping Bag (Respawn point)
Big Tent (Can be painted)
Small Tent
S'mores (Consumable)
Trail Mix (Consumable)
Marshmallow on a stick




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MOD ID: 926567353

Missing items?
If you updated the mod and are missing items then your install is probably corrupt. You must follow the instructions specifically for your server host.

Can't place items or find the Landscape Crafting Table engram?
If you can't place an item from this mod then your server probably hasn't updated with the latest version. If you can't find the engram make sure the mod is copied over to the server completely and the mod ID is listed under active mods.

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Mystiana Mar 21 @ 9:56am 
ah! ty! =D
eco  [author] Mar 21 @ 8:01am 
@Mystiana You need to do a fresh install of the mod
Mystiana Mar 20 @ 11:55pm 
Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I just installed the Crystal Island map and noticed that though most of your mods are showing up there, this one sadly isn't. Is this intentional or am I just blind? BTW, love all your mods! They're must-haves imo.
OhhZeeq Mar 16 @ 5:07pm 
Very nice mod
Rhoshan Mar 6 @ 11:08am 
Thanks :) It had dawned on me that somehow coconuts aren't getting proper representation!
Not a single grass skirt out there either!! And a catamaran!
eco  [author] Mar 6 @ 6:16am 
@Rhoshan hehe that is an adorable idea :D
Rhoshan Mar 6 @ 5:35am 
If you do a primitive mod, add a coconut canteen! We need an earlier water container that's not as heavy as the clay jug
Rhoshan Mar 1 @ 2:09pm 
@eco If you ever need a play tester shout, be glad to help get quality content ready for play
eco  [author] Feb 26 @ 7:35pm 
@X-tar Platinum Wood, thatch, or spark powder

@Rhoshan Lovely ideas! I will look into it
X-tar Platinum Feb 25 @ 5:54pm 
What do i need to light up the campfire?