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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Aug 28, 2012 @ 10:13pm
Nov 26, 2013 @ 1:31pm
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NEStalgia is now on Steam!
v1.67.3 Patch and More Steam News
Release date: Already released
NEStalgia is already online and playable! Find it on our homepage:

NEStalgia[] is an original MORPG inspired by the glory days of traditional console RPGs. Essentially "Dragon Warrior 3 meets World of Warcraft", NEStalgia is an amalgam of the best generations of RPG gaming.

About the game:
  • Wage classic turn based battles in multiplayer parties. Players who who prefer to go solo can recruit almost any monster in the game to fight alongside them.
  • Eight unique classes, including the Warlock that casts spells using his own HP, and the Ninja who overwhelms enemies with fast and furious attacks.
  • Plenty of modern MMO trappings, including a full-featured Quest system, Guilds, and a central Auction House for buying and selling rare loot from other players.
  • An ever-expanding story, with new (free!) content expansions on the way.
Please see our NEStalgia Steam campaign headquarters at ( ). There you'll find answers to most questions about how NEStalgia could work on Steam. Our lead developer also did an interview with Indie Game Mag about the Steam Greenlight effort! ( )

What other people are saying about NEStalgia:
  • PC Gamer: A "New Indie Hero", one of the best games in the 2012 Independent Games Festival
  • Kotaku: "NEStalgia Takes The MMO Beautifully Back To 1987"
  • The Escapist: "With a ton of content and a charming 8-bit world, you just can't go wrong."
  • "NEStalgia is exactly what you'd expect if the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games were shared worlds. Fantastic."
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