ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Revenant Gaming PvPvE Mod Pack
These mods are required in order to Find our servers!

-Structures Plus - Discussion[]
-Classic Flyers - Discussion[]
-ORP2 - Discussion[]

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Classic Flyers
Created by Ertosi
Brings back the classic flyers we've all known and love! This mod gives vanilla flyer species back all of their pre-nerf'd stats. Yes, that means they can level speed again.

Mod Id: 895711211

Originally posted by PC Gamer:
restores winged dinos to pre-nerf glory [.
Structures Plus (S+)
Created by orionsun
The Ultimate Building Mod!


- True no collision & no building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Internal pipes and wires allow for exceptionally clean base building
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Full Glass ...
ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection v04.09.17.34
Created by jslay
Over 1500+ hours of development and in-game live testing!

We have 200+ servers carrying the [ORP2] tag! Thanks so much for the awesome support and making [ORP2] a PVP standard!

PLEASE read the entire Description and Discu