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One Handed Crossbows
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Aug 28, 2012 @ 1:55pm
Dec 30, 2012 @ 9:18am
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Finally the mod you've been waiting for is here at last! That’s right one handed crossbows: you can dual wield them, use them with a shield, spell, or sword! this was a project being worked on by the dawnguard and the college of winterhold, a crossbow that never needed to be reloaded so you could have another hand free, and now its finished! Steel and dwarven crossbows can be bought from merchants or found throughout the world, you can find Nocturnal crossbows in Nightingale Hall and Akiviri Crossbows in Skyhaven Temple.
dawnguard is required

V3: Added Dwarven One Handed Crossbows

V4: lowered the fire rate to prevent crashing (it makes more sense this way anyways)

V5: Added Nocturnal Crossbow and Nightingale bolts to the Twilight Sepulcher (in the small room extending off the worship chamber)

V6: Added one handed Akaviri Crossbows, moved Nocturnal Crossbows to Nightingale Hall, and added bolt packs to recharge the crossbows (bolt packs act like soul gems for now).

V7: No more CTDs! No longer disconnects when kill cams activate.

V8: Now upgradeable at special workbenches added to all major cities.

V9: Full Release

V10: Now added Dragonbone Crossbows

Notes: This mod is out of beta stage, but will still be updated with new crossbows. (I will accept suggestions in the comments) Any rude comments will be deleted.

Why is the damage 0?

Yes the damage is displayd as 0, thats because they are classified as staffs, their damage is based on their enchantment. and the imporvement is based on your over draw perk.
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m.dagger Jul 8 @ 4:35am 
a dishonored styled crossbow is what i would be looking for.
Helmeri Jul 7 @ 7:05am 
I cant find the Akaviri crossbow from Skyhaven temple. Could someone tell me where it is?
that_gamer Jun 20 @ 2:16am 
butt nice mod btw
that_gamer Jun 20 @ 2:15am 
i think since you only use one hand thay should do less damege. butt dont make them to weak. sorry if you have alredy done this... also sorry if my enlish is a bitt bad, my first languege is norwegien
freelancer_jeremy Jun 7 @ 12:01pm 
cool idea but the damage out put is just plain bad, im full archer and i do more damage with a steel dagger
not too mention u cant enchant them
tygabor  [author] Jun 4 @ 3:28pm 
@SprayTactics- well, I'd atually pretty much stopped updating this mod, howerver its not impossable that I may make another update fairly soon.
SprayTactics Jun 4 @ 10:10am 
Alright, so how are we to determine the damage done then? It's not like the amount of damage done will be shown as numbers, though. Or is this being planned for a possible future update?
tygabor  [author] Jun 4 @ 9:54am 
@SprayTactics- it was originally the damage, but after the first update I changed it to be the ammount of shots per reload.
SprayTactics Jun 3 @ 10:17pm 
From what I understand fron your information posted, the crossbow is classified as a staff. Okay, so....as a staff, this "crossbow" is using magic projectiles like other vanilla staffs, right? Then, does the numbers, like +29 bolts, mean its the damage done or the amount of ammo/bolts used? Nice mod, btw!
CrepedCrusader Jun 1 @ 1:10am 
Any way to make them level the archery skill?