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VTOL / Flaps Controls Mod
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VTOL / Flaps Controls Mod

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Have you ever wanted to be able to control Flaps and VTOL angle separately without having to touch the Auto Vectoring button? Well now you can! This mod adds separate keystrokes to your in-game controls menu for Flaps Up, Flaps Down, VTOL Up and VTOL Down. The keyboard commands can then be mapped to a joystick or throttle (HOTAS) if you want. Turning "Auto Vectoring" on and off is no longer required!

Update 1.70 that launched with JETS DLC is required, but the DLC itself is not required.



When you hit VTOL Up (rotate nacelles for forward flight):
  1. Checks if the Aircraft is a VTOL aircraft
  2. Checks if the engine is on
  3. Executes action "VTOLVectoring"
  4. Executes action "VectoringUp"

When you hit VTOL Down (rotate nacelles for hover):
  1. Checks if the Aircraft is a VTOL aircraft
  2. Checks if the engine is on
  3. Executes action "VTOLVectoring"
  4. Executes action "VectoringDown"

When you hit Flaps Up:
  1. Checks if the Aircraft is a VTOL aircraft
  2. If the aircraft is a VTOL aircraft, executes action "VTOLVectoringCancel"
  3. Executes action "VectoringDown"
  4. If the aircraft is a VTOL aircraft, executes action "VTOLVectoring"

When you hit Flaps Down:
  1. Checks if the Aircraft is a VTOL aircraft
  2. If the aircraft is a VTOL aircraft, executes action "VTOLVectoringCancel"
  3. Executes action "VectoringUp"
  4. If the aircraft is a VTOL aircraft, executes action "VTOLVectoring"

So basically, if you are flying a VTOL aircraft, there's no reason to ever turn off VTOL Vectoring. If the engines are facing forward and you turn off VTOL Vectoring, there's no change to the aircraft. The only reason to turn off VTOL Vectoring is if you are flying the F35B. Doing so closes the fan shroud opening and other flight surfaces for more efficient forward flight. Let me know if this is not clear.

  1. Open your Controls Menu
  2. Click on Configure Addons
  3. Select "VTOL/FLAPS Controls Mod"
  4. Assign the keys
    • OPTIONAL: You can then unmap the Vanilla FLAPS UP and FLAPS DOWN controls
    • Keep "Auto Vectoring" mapped if you plan to use the F35 from C.U.P. so you can close the flight surfaces
  5. When you want to lower or raise flaps, hit those keys. When you want to raise or lower the VTOL angle, hit those keys.
    • You no longer have to hit Auto Vectoring On/Off. This changes automatically.
    • Regular (non-VTOL) planes function normally
    • For VTOL angle to function, aircraft engine must be ON

  • VTOL and FLAPS controls separated into 4 separate keypresses so you can map to separate controls on your HOTAS
  • Very small addon (0.1 MB)
  • customizable controls via Configure Addons menu (CBA)

  • All vanilla VTOL aircraft
  • All CUP VTOL aircraft
  • Gomez's Harriers

Future Plans:
  • Once BI implements a command to measure VTOL angle percentage, I can probably eliminate the need for the Auto Vectoring button when using the F35.
  • Once BI implements some way of checking if an aircraft is a VTOL aircraft such as "isVTOL", then I can make this work with all mods automatically.
  • NOTE TO MOD MAKERS: If you have a VTOL aircraft that you'd like me to include in this mod, PM me the classname(s) of those VTOL aircraft.




All credits to me.

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Feint  [author] Oct 20 @ 5:59pm 
Yeah, same thing happens with me. You can lower the amount of fuel in the aircraft which helps. But really the aircraft needs a lot more power. I would reach out the CUP to see if they can modify it. I looked into seeing if I could figure out how to adjust the power output and VTOL behavior, but it was too complicated for me and I lost motivation.
Panthera283 Oct 18 @ 9:47am 
Only i would like to know if happen the same with Cup harrier with you or others here. i would like to discard isnt a compatibility issue with another addon or mod i have
Panthera283 Oct 18 @ 9:44am 
Thanks for the mod Feint . good to know the issue is not your mod , probably is something related with the harrier port to this arma3 engine cause the vtol in harrier in arma1 and arma2 work perfect in vertical landing.
Feint  [author] Oct 18 @ 9:20am 
Talk to Arma. That's how they designed the Harrier. Or talk to CUP as they might be able to change the power of the engines of the Harrier or the wonky behavior of the VTOL position when the aircraft is on the ground and below a certain speed. It might be engine-based, not sure. Either way, it's not a problem with my mod.
Panthera283 Oct 17 @ 4:08pm 
very good but i have problems with CUP harriers. They dont take off with vtol. look like the engines dont have enough strong to take off. when im doing in the air . aircraft begin to lose altitude. This only happen to me with harrier. F35 take of perfect with vtol.
Feint  [author] Oct 13 @ 10:33am 
That's just how CBA Keys works, Stromboli. If you want to map something to your joystick, map it to the keyboard first, then use your joystick software to map that key to your joystick. Works perfectly for my Warthog setup and any other programmable joystick. Hope this helps.
Stromboli Oct 12 @ 7:39pm 
Weird, this isn't letting me program any buttons on my flight stick or throttle, but I can bind to my keyboard
Feint  [author] Sep 9 @ 11:17pm 
Thanks a lot. Yeah, I should probably set up a request ticket with them.
Tora Sep 7 @ 9:28pm 
SO you said percentage angle is something you may be working on if they allow an analogue input for vectoring... The other aircraft that would benefit from this are the V-22 Osprey and VX-44 (?) Blackfish, as both have large nacelles to rotate and the V-22 does so by means of thumbwheel on the throttle of the aircraft. Most HOTAS have sliders or rotating wheels that will serve this function. AT least, there are a couple on my X-52 which would work great for that. Also would apply to the Harrier and F-35, obviously. Anyway, we should petition BI Studios to do such a thing. :) Great work on this by the way.
Feint  [author] Aug 22 @ 7:18am 
Yes. The way I've done it is bind to a keystroke, then use my joystick software to program that keystroke onto the button of the joystick.