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More Playable Races WIP
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Aug 27, 2012 @ 11:27am
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lets you play as 13 different races.
You can play as a vampire for each race or as a falmer, a hagraven or a dremora.
The vampire races are stronger than the original versions.
Plz comment if there are problems.


If anyone can help fixing this mod plz comment
i need help and i will add helpers as contributers
btw this isnt going to be fixed if someone doesnt help

If somebody can help with this mod or knows anyone that can help plz comment on the mod.
Again the problem wont be fixed unless someone helps.
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brendensilly Aug 7 @ 2:58pm 
this mod is total crap, Warning Dont download
its a decent mod although it does have some problems like the game crashing whenever i choose falmer and how there aren't 13 races and that the dremora does not look like a dremora.If you were to fix the falmer race and scrap the dremora race you should see better feedback.
jag är wiktor olander Jun 23 @ 12:02pm 
this mod sucks
jag är wiktor olander Jun 23 @ 11:58am 
the flamer race crashing my game :(
highfiveghost1994 Jun 13 @ 2:09pm 
some them crash my game
jasper Jun 13 @ 11:33am 
@rbarke u could use a alternate start mod which i highly recommend using at any char cuz thats like more fun because i dont like the vanilla beginning and its way too long in my eyes
ddebeixedon Jun 2 @ 12:45pm 
jaderive May 23 @ 10:59pm 
this was posted 2012 , not sure what year ppl having problem, doesnt seem to have been fixed yet tho, look good in the image tho , im not trying it just yet, to many complaints o.O
redindus69 May 22 @ 1:53am 
This mod doesnt work, avoid it!
rattyjacob May 4 @ 3:53pm 
it keeps crashing