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Portal 2

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Toggle Switches and Sequencers

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Toggle Switches and Sequencers

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When Valve made the Perpetual Testing Initiative, did it ever occur to them that players would want to use pedestal buttons to toggle between on and off states? Apparently not. Instead, we get to have fun designing solutions to this problem. The four toggle switches in this map demonstrate different ways to do this. They can also be expanded to create "sequencers", or devices that toggle between several different states. Here's a quick rundown of the four toggle switches (in order of appearance):

Designed By: N_Sunderland (myself)
First Used In: Flip Panel Mosaic Concept
Speed: Fast
Efficiency: Medium
Notes: Can be expanded into a sequencer easily

Designed By: cyron43
First Used In: Sequencer
Speed: Medium
Efficiency: Fairly low
Notes: Can be transformed into a very good sequencer, can be modified to be automatic

Designed By: Geneosis
First Used In: Binary Switches
Speed: Slow
Efficiency: Medium
Notes: Slow, but perfect if you want the toggle effect to happen right at the end of the button timer. Could potentially act as a sequencer, but probably wouldn't be too efficient that way.

Designed By: Timoteeei (this variation was made by cyron43, though)
First Used In: The Amazing Multi-Press
Speed: Very Fast
Efficiency: High
Notes: Probably the best one overall. It can act as a sequencer if you implement NOT gates with subesquent relays. Otherwise, it can act as a sort of "multi-toggle" device where previous outputs remain activated.