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Dueling Dragons - Fire VS Ice

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Dueling Dragons - Fire VS Ice

Dueling Dragons is a 4k placable rollercoaster blueprint created in Planet Coaster. It is inspired by the rollercoaster that can be found in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. It is NOT a recreation, the track is completely different. You can choose between a fire and an ice dragon and the queue takes you around a beautifully decorated castle before you step into the ride.

My name is riddlerrevange75 a and this channel is dedicated to my Planet Coaster creations. I mostly specialise in Rollercoaster blueprints.

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Brockman44 Aug 28 @ 3:27pm 
@PapaBear just read that...any details of the Harry Potter Ride replacing it? I fear another 3D attraction (not a big fan).
songjinsu Aug 27 @ 11:01am 
Lucky ARK and more Aug 27 @ 10:35am 
Abaakaboola Aug 24 @ 1:12pm 
If this did actually exist I can see why it was removed. There was probably a lot of throwing and spitting at the other coaster. People can be rude.
kelbeans1982 Aug 20 @ 9:51am 
I have ridden Duelling Dragons many times in rl and this is a daaaaamn good recreation. Thank you :)
Dellicious Aug 19 @ 5:20am 
Moo, this ride still exists? I went on it last summer. They don't dual together though, probablly due to safety reasons. I think someone got badly injured when something from one coster flew off and hit the other.
JimmyFallon Aug 17 @ 10:09pm 
ryano9929 Aug 9 @ 4:14pm 
the paths for this thing are a nightmare. theres a spot at the beginning of the ice queue that is obstructed and doesn't let you place it.
Papabear Aug 3 @ 5:04pm 
Damn this is good ... and after next year will be all with have to remember of the original ride :-(
Smoky89 Aug 2 @ 8:43am 
those two loops fit so well