Gunboats Custom Footstep Sounds
Class: Soldier
Item Slot: Weapon
Other: Sound Device
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Aug 26, 2012 @ 6:05pm
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I made some custom footstep sounds for the Gunboats, like the cleats and jingle belt have.

They're actually a blend of robot walking sounds and normal metal footsteps from Source, but pitch shifted and edited a lot to sound unique. It also means Valve 100% owns these sounds, so there should be no problems at all implementing this, legal wise.

I also included a custom game_sounds_physics, to add a little convenience for Valve.

I went for more subtle rather than CLANK CLANK like boots from Zelda, as that might be annoying. These sounds are more subtle, as the weapon is old and I don't feel we should make them suddenly obnoxious to use.