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Directly connect to Server with IP
By MarkusA380
Joining the same server with your friends can be a tedious process, and there is no way in Squad to directly connect to an IP adress. Here is a simple solution I made.
Create a new batch file.
Paste in the following text:

@echo off echo Squad Direct Connect Version 1.0 set /p Input=Enter IP and Port: set "PATH=steam://rungameid/393380//%%20+connect%%20%INPUT%" start %PATH%

When you run the batch file, you will be promted to enter the IP adress and port in format IP:PORT .
Upon hitting enter, a small Steam window will open, asking if it should run with the given parameters. Press OK.
Squad should now start and connect directly to the server you want.
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MarkusA380  [author] May 16 @ 3:55am 
@Seductive Sloth: Please use Google to learn how to create a batch file. That's basic stuff.
To find the IP of a server, you can, for example, try to join a friend on the server via Steam. A small window will open up, in it you will find the ip and the port.
Seductive Sloth May 15 @ 6:28pm 
What is a batch file and how do I create a new one? Also, how do I get the IP and port of a certain server?