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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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More Enemies 1.2
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Aug 26, 2012 @ 12:20am
Oct 28, 2012 @ 7:50pm
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More Enemies 1.2

Updated Finally! sorry about the wait, will be working on some more. Also I have another project that needs to be worked on.

*****IMPORTANT NOTE***** i am not trying to copy any other creature or monster mod. I simply made this at my own free will. I thought Skyrim didnt have enough enemies. I tryd to make them lore firendly and not stand out alot. Its just my idea on Skyrims atmosphere and I decided id share it.

Have you beat Skyrim Master Difficulty no challenge?
Do you have over powering mods?
Have you ever wanted more Hardcore Enemies in game?

If any of the above applies to you, then this mod is definitely for you!

It add's 50+ new Enemies. In Many Leveled lists!

Note: Titans are Harder to find then you think theres about 3 of each more or less.

Nexus: <--- Old versions


Bandit King(Boss) lvl 50
Hp 850
Location: Lost Knife Cave
Has Absorb Set

Falmer Guardian lvl 30

Falmer Poison Warrior lvl 30
has Flamer Poison Weapons and armor

Falmer Poison Archer lvl 30
has Falmer Poison bow and armor

Falmer Minion lvl 10

Falmer Minion Master lvl 12

Lesser Titan lvl 40
Locatoin: Planes

Frost Titan lvl 45
Location: Snowy Regions Close to roads

Fire Titan lvl 50
Location: in the Reach Mountians

Ice Titan lvl 55
Location: Glacers and Mountian tops

Nature Titan lvl 55
Location Thick Forests
Next Update in Grottos.

Storm Titan lvl 60
Location: Rocky Mountians, Reach.

Giant Hagraven lvl 40
Location: Random.

Mighty Dragon
Location: Random

Dominate Horker lvl 15
Location: Coasts

Timber Wolf lvl 12
Locatoin: Forest, Planes and mountians

Giant Wolf lvl 28
Locatoin: Forest, Planes and mountians

Giant ice wolf lvl 35
Location: Coasts, Snowy Regions, Mountians.

Giant Red wolf lvl 48
Locatoin: Forest, Planes and mountians

Great White Wolf(Boss) lvl 48
hp 557
There is only one somewhere near windhelm, also has no leveled lists, Low Level char's Beware!

Spider King lvl 40
Location: Caves. Aspen forests

Spider Queen(Boss) lvl 45
hp 800
In some cave.

Spider lvl 5
Location: Caves, Forests.


Hell Knight lvl 38-70
hp 607-1210
Location: Embershard Mine

Hell Hound lvl 45
Location: Embershard Mine

Frost Wolf lvl 25
Location: Snowy Places

Lich lvl 40
Location: Dungeons, Forts, Tombs

Mammoth Bear lvl 35
Location: Tundra

Wolf Bear lvl 25
Loction: Forests, Tundra, Reach.

Void Skeleton lvl 55
Location: Tombs, Forts, Wilds

Corrupted Soul lvl 45
Location: Roads

Bridge Troll lvl 48
Location: Some Bridges

Monster Slaughterfish lvl 35
Location Reach Lakes or Deep Seas

Skeleton Lord lvl 35
Loaction Forts, Wilds, Tombs

Skeleton Knight lvl 50
Location Forts, Wilds, Tombs, Roads

Wild Hagraven lvl 45
Loaction: Hot springs, Forests.


Draugr Dragon Slayer lvl 55
hp 1600
Location: Tombs, Nord Ruins.

Falmer Shaman Overlord lvl 58
hp 1200
Location: Dwemer Ruins.

Frenzied Mammoth lvl 38
hp 1000
Loaction: Planes.

Bandit Marauder Warlord lvl 60 (Removed in 1.2)
hp 1150
Location: Fort Hraggstad

DeepOnes lvl 35-70
Location: Sightless Pit


Ancient Vampire lvl 65

Deadra Seducer lvl 48
Location: Anywhere where theres deadra
chances of spawning is slim

Gehenoth lvl 16
Location: Caves, Tombs near Dawnstar

Dragon Lord lvl 60-70
Location: Tombs

Wright lvl 1-10
Location: Currently Tombs

Change Log:


Mighty Dragon hp is now 2500 before was 1500
Ice Titans hp is now 1200 before was 900
Lesser Titan can heal itself to full health only once
Fixed Bandit King Combat issue (was not attacking)
Fixed Leveled lists
Fixed Leveled item lists
Added new drop items
Added More Spawns

Fixed Mighty Dragon Bug
Fixed Spawn lists
Fixed leveling to 60+ crash
Fixed Names
Tweaked Titans
Tweaked all enemy AI/Packages
Tweaked Factions
Added more spawns
Added new items

Fixed Lich Spawn
Fixed Mammoth Bear Spawn and size
Changed Bridge Troll skin
Added new items
Removed Bandit Marauder Warlord

Yet to Come:
Leveled Bosses
Necro King lvl 50
Vampire King lvl 50
Vampire Knight lvl 28
Vampire Spellcloak lvl 35
Night Goblins
Argonian Tribes
Void Warrior
Void Knight
Shadow Creature
Shade King
+++Many More+++

Please give Feed back and rate thanks in advance
Any Suggestions?

1500 downloads! 08/31/12
2500 downloads 09/09/12
5000 downloads 11/14/12
10000 downloads!!! 03/08/13

Enjoy now!
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DatBoi 911 Sep 17 @ 4:19am 
the items they drop are massively game breaking but apart from that interesting mod
AK  [author] Jul 2 @ 12:40am 
you need to make a new clean save after unisntalling to remove the enemies.
Goobster Jul 1 @ 11:43pm 
When i was downloading this i was expecting the overpowered creatures to spawn around level 50, not level 1. I literally just have to kill everything from this mod with console commands, and uninstalling it didn't remove the creatures. Don't download this, lmao.
SebAss Apr 13 @ 4:27pm 
this still working?
Thedral Cathedral™ Mar 13 @ 3:02pm 
@AK Introducing dark souls 5 "what the hell is with these monsters" IMDB 96% "Worse than 1" Metacritic 70% "I have movie critics not games" rot tomatos
nlaradnl Jan 25 @ 8:38am 
hey i have a question, i subbed and downloaded it. But after some playing i decided to unsub. There are still creatures spawning that belong to this mod. Will they go away after time?
☆NINJA☆ Jan 5 @ 1:02pm 
i feel like the problem i'm having is because they're all more or less high levels, an option to turn this mod off and despawn the mod monsters from the menu would be very helpful at the starter level quests of my new playthrough though i feel that they should only appear at certain levels or spawn as the same level as you, nonetheless i love this mod but feel that i will need to revisit it at a higher level of my playthrough to get the most out of it thanks for the fast reply AK
AK  [author] Jan 4 @ 6:57pm 
you seem like a rational person, I know reading takes time but please do not skip the description of the mod. Hopefully that may answer your fustration.
☆NINJA☆ Jan 4 @ 9:58am 
They perma kill wanderers, have OP armour and weapons that ruin the game if you decide to pick up, block quests that you need to get to and the bridge troll is UNKILLABLE because of its hp regen and huge ammount of hp fix your god damn mod everything in this mod has too much HP and messes up the regular gameplay while at a low level, i had to install the warhammer guns mod to even get past them and the worst part is i couldn't figure out how to uninstall it until now
ZeuxisTheikos Sep 3, 2016 @ 7:37pm 
Do these enemys only appear once you reach certain levels?