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Dungeon Marathon™
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 4 @ 2:13pm
May 11 @ 4:03am
Release date: July 2017
Dungeon Marathon is a new style of game where you must run through Dungeons, no fighting allowed!

The Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and Dwarf under the belief the dungeons are a gym, must run to survive the danger that lurks in the depths. Tricked by the old hag, will they sucumb to the many temptations or sprint to destiny...Only you will decide.

From Retro Army the creators of 'Super trench attack' and 'Death's Hangover' this is the latest in our budget range, and features our usual wacky humor and arcade style gameplay!


-> 80+ levels,
-> Boss levels,
-> 4 unique playable characters,
-> Power-ups,
-> Unique running gameplay,
-> Collect apples to stay alive,
-> Traditional Retro Army humor,

The game is currently 25% complete, we'll be looking to have this title finished within the next two months. Leaderboards and trading cards will be added pending on Valve's approval.

Thanks for viewing Dungeon Marathon!

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Jing Kaymall Jun 27 @ 12:44pm 
is it weird my only complaint is the title screen?
ZeroBionikal Jun 25 @ 10:41pm 
Looks awesome!
Kashorro Jun 4 @ 2:22pm 
count me in
XJ9 Jun 4 @ 1:37am 
We need this game on steam asap
Bluestargeneral  [author] Jun 1 @ 4:30am 
No probs Tensenuma, thanks for your support!
Also thank you for the discount on Death's Hangover
It's certainly something new but I'm hyped for it either way. Love all of your games (even though I never played the trench ones that much)

Artstyle is neat (:
jjhaggar May 21 @ 5:37pm 
I fear I don't like very much those 3D-based sprites ^^U but I'm a great fan of your work (I've purchased all of your games, and I want more), so I've voted yess!! :D :D
twitch May 7 @ 9:47am 
Would purchase just because I enjoy Death's Hangover and would like to see what you do next.
Always like supporting the little companies when possible...
Kalamari May 6 @ 2:28pm 
Always glad to see whatever you put out, this one looks like fun. I'm loving the graphics, everything looks so vintage.