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Satanism Plus
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Satanism Plus

Bored of having to be a (mostly) secretive Satanic cultist? Well now you can announce your heretical beliefs to the world, and purge the non-believers (or be purged).

Current mechanics are:
-If you're High Priest of the Satanists you can officialise a state Satanist religion. A religious head will be spawned who can call Black Crusades
-Once it's officialised, lesser priests in the society can convert for a prestige and power cost, as long as they're independent
-Can take 20 concubines (arbitrary value, but it's still a huge amount compared to others)
-You can loot non-Satanists just like unreformed pagans
-All Abrahamic adherents will despise you (-15 opinion penalty)
-Incestual marriages fully allowed, to hell with morality
-A Satanic Empire that's formable after creating the religion, it will merge any landed secret Satanists and overt Satanists into your realm
-Half a dozen mercenaries and holy orders
-System for secretly converting provinces whilst playing as a religion besides Satanic (have to be part of Lucifer's Own)
-Characters in your realm who are part of Lucifer's Own when you convert will also be converted
-Province emancipation/slavery system, There are three possible states: neutral, enslaved, and liberated, affecting tax, levies and revolt risk of Satanic provinces.
-A couple of minor flavour events (burning Catholics, and some trait related).
-Conquest casus bellis with low truce cooldowns against fellow Satanists and other religions
-Made Hermetics available to Satanists
-Demon summoning event chain, depending on your sins you can summon a demon of your choice once converted to Satanism (and you meet the other requirements).
-Necromancer, witch, minion, medium minor titles. The first two have associated traits, and prestigious necromancers can become liches, and eventually allow their liege to summon an army of the dead (all for religious Satanists).
-Sins and virtues are now inverted in terms of how the Satanic church views them (ie, sins give piety, increases church opinion, vice versa)

A common question: Is it compatible with other mods? A: It should be, unless the mod alters societies that already exist, or religion icons.

CK2 version: 2.7.2 (latest)

Leave any suggestions in the comments please.

Forum Link:
Old version for people with old saves: Check the forum link, it won't let me post download links here.

Credit to Hart for making all of the icons and flags (all graphical stuff basically) used in this mod.

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Oct 4 @ 8:50pm
Possible glitch?
Oct 4 @ 8:43pm
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Human72 Nov 20 @ 10:11pm 
good luck with the exams also can this be improved to allow full out wars v these demon worpshers cause these wars will be fun to do especally when it comes to the point it can rival the mongols in every shape and form.
lokomoko  [author] Nov 20 @ 9:31pm 
No it's probably going to be a problem because I haven't updated it yet, nor do I own the DLC. I'll take a look at what's what wrong and try to fix it when my exams finish
jjdynomite40 Nov 20 @ 5:24pm 
am i the only one who has trouble with jade dragon when this mod is enabled?
Elidurden123 Nov 18 @ 8:23am 
Looking forward to the update.
Human72 Nov 11 @ 10:12am 
question will this be improved to the point where one can do whole demon cult wars cause i ouwld like to fight these basterds and all of there tricks from undead summoning etc to using demons etc. cause this will be the perfect way to challenge large empires and kingdoms.
sdcupp Nov 4 @ 2:03pm 
I don't know if this has been mentioned already, but adding some new artifacts would be cool. Many of the higher tier artifacts are locked to specific religions or religious groups. Alternatively, pre-existing artifacts could be adapted to allow for Satanists to get some sort of bonus to owning them.

For instance, owning some of the artifacts of Jesus could have the activation
(*) one of the following
(X) Religion is in Christian group
(*) Religion is in Satanic group
instead of just having the Christian group. Most of the saint's bones artifacts wouldn't make sense in my mind, but some of the 4 and 5 quality items (like the Holy Grail) could be shared.
DeusVult Nov 4 @ 1:41pm 
The "I want to fuck the known world" mod
lokomoko  [author] Oct 31 @ 7:38am 
Oh and one more thing: Go into the cult tab, and hover over the high priest icon. Tell me if "formalise satanism" isn't listed as a power in there.
lokomoko  [author] Oct 31 @ 7:35am 
This might be a silly question, but can you check to make sure the mod is enabled in the launcher? I just launched the game and tested it, and the decisions are all there. Do you see a decision called "secretly corrupt province" at least? There might be some weird issue with the mod itself in which case you won't see any of the decisions. Lastly, are you running any other mods which might potentially alter societies in some slight way?
Jordan Oct 31 @ 7:06am 
Thanks for the reply! Nope, neither decisions are there and I'm the leader of the Cult