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Measure distance in squad
By Winterblitz15
measure the distance in squad.

After the update 9.4 we have handy mortars but you don't know the exact distance between you and the target marker. Here are some tips to accurate measure the distance.

1. what do you need: squad map, ruler and a calculator.
2. on the right bottom of your map you have 3 lines with a collor and distance in meters, slect one of those lines ( I advice the red line ).
3. measure the distance of that line on your ruler and remember that.
4. measure the distance with the ruler between you and the marker you need to fire on.
5. press on the calculater this: distance of you and marker : distance of that line you choose in cm from ruler perpective x the distance of what the line says in meters next to the line.

EXAMPLE: 16 cm : 2.5 cm = 6.4 x 300 m = 1,920 and then remove the , frome your calculator. and your distance between you and your marker is 1920 meters in-game.
measure distance in squad
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Pritsky May 14 @ 5:29pm 
Pythagorean Theorem is much faster than this method through rough mental calculation. Even faster with a calculator.
Gibbles432 May 12 @ 2:33pm 
Oh dopey me...I was using Pythagorean Theorem this whole time...
Tajin May 8 @ 4:29am 
There is no need for a calculator. The scale is shown on the map. Just hold a piece of paper to your screen and put markings in correspondance to the scale on one of its sides.
(make sure you don't change the zoom level, or just zoom all the way out before you do it)

Then you can use that paper as a ruler to quickly, easily and quite precisely measure any distance on the map.

In other words, a map-tool.

Feudal Wulf May 7 @ 10:03am 
There's also a calculator at squadcalc.com

Basically you can put your mouse on the point in the map you want to shoot at, at the bottom right it'll give you (more or less) exactly where your mouse is and where you are, put that into the calc and it'll be right on.
Winterblitz15  [author] May 7 @ 12:47am 
yeah, but if you need to shoot at a angle that is not at the same direction as the grid lines it's hard to tell from the grid itself. so that is why I made this. and if you get used to it it's really easy to use.
Feudal Wulf May 6 @ 7:17pm 
squares outside of them*

The red outlined ones, is what I mean.
Feudal Wulf May 6 @ 7:17pm 
Just btw, the map has been updated so that the grid is always in exact measurements, meaning the "keypad" squares are 100m squared, and the squares inside of them are 300m squared. In the fire range, I've deduced that you can be fairly accurate just adding the amount of tiles something away is from you and shooting off from there. The way you're doing is just odd.

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to get the angle right...
Tactical Corn Field May 6 @ 1:07am 
Easier to use http://squadcalc.com/ . It lets you use micokeypads within microkeypads
Winterblitz15  [author] May 5 @ 2:57am 
it can but i use a standart monitor 21.5 inch. but if you have a diffrend type of monitor everything will be at the same lenght but on a drifren schale. So there shud be no real issue with that
Wicked May 5 @ 1:47am 
The measurement on your screen will vary between resolutions and different monitors.