Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

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How to use the Level Editor
By Captain Thore
This guide will explain how the level editor works. From the basics of camera movement to creating challenges with your own levels.
The level editor is still in progress, that for the guide needs to be updated sometimes.
First of all let's have a look at the overlay

Here you will find all the levels you created
  • 1 create a new level
  • 2 create a new folder
  • 3 save your current level (don't forget to do that occasionally)
  • 4 a folder may be used to keep challenges organized
  • 5 new levels will start with this name, edit it by double clicking
  • 6 the currently opened level will be highlighted with a green background
If you want to delete single levels or folders just select them and hit the [Delete] button on your keyboard.
You can also duplicate levels if you select the level and press [Ctrl] + [D].

The Library lists all usable objects for your creation.

Those symbols are used to modify and place your object.
  • 1 Drag the object with the mouse
  • 2 Drag the object along the x y z axes
  • 3 Rotate the object along the x y z axes
  • 4 Scale the object
Here you can configurate how the commenentatron will describe your level.
The dice will select a random word from the list.

Test the level if it is playable, when you are done upload it to the Steam Workshop or create a whole challenge with it (will be explained later in this guide).
The questionmark leads you to guides about the level editor.

Change the angle of the view either from the top, left, right, front or back

This shows in which tier the level will be set (it will pop up after you placed an enemy)
Camera movement
Befor you start placing various objects you should learn how to control the camera.
  • [Arrow keys] or [W][A][S][D] - move the camera (forward, backward, left ,right)
  • [Mouse One] - select an object (this is not a camera function, but still noteworthy)
  • [Mouse Two] - Rotate the view
  • [Mouse wheel] - zoom in and out
  • [Mouse three] - move the camera (works like the arrow keys)
Object placement
You might want to place an object now, won't you?
Let's have a look at those symbols.

If you have selected the object by clicking on it you are able to drag it around.

Selecting the second option will show up those colored arrows. They allow you to drag the object along the x (red), y (green) and z (blue) axis.

The third option will allow you to rotate the object. The colors are the same, red for x, green for y, and blue for z.

The last option is the most complex one. You can use the scaling option to either expand or contract (again along the x y z axes) the object or scale it.

There are also keys which triggers these option:
  • [1] - Drag and Drop
  • [2] - Move along the axes
  • [3] - Rotate
  • [4] - Scale

There are some special objects, like the jumppads or the saw blades, where you can edit even more than just their place in the arena. Take a look at the window on the right upper corner after you selected the object.

You don't want to miss this function once you are trying to build structures with multiple objects:
  • [Ctrl] + [C] - Copie the selected object
  • [Ctrl] + [V] - Paste the selected object (at the location of the copied object)
  • [Del] - Deletes the selected object
Placing enemies will pop up the difficulty tab, which will show you in what tier your level will be set.

Pressing the sheet with the plus will add a new layer where you can place different enemies. The trash bin will delete the selected layer.

This table will show you how many points each kind of enemy is worth, the second one shows you how many point you might spend on a specific tier.

Bow1 100
Bow2 300
Bow3 500
Bow4 700
Hammer1 200
Hammer2 400
Hammer3 800
Jetpack1 500
Jetpack2 800
Jetpack Archer 700
Jetpack Hammer 600
Kickbot 400
Spidertron5000 500
Spidertron600 1000
Sword1 100
Sword2 200
Sword3 500
Sword4 700

Bronze 0-600
Silver 700-1500
Gold 1600-2800
Diamond 2900-4000
Titanium 4100+
You want your bot beeing a good guy and wait until his walking toy appears?

The trigger zones will help you in this case.

Simply drag and drop a zone out of the library, it will recieve a letter for identification purposes.
After you scaled it to the right size and moved it to the right place, select an enemy. Now you can choose at which zone the enemy should start attacking.

Beside that the trigger zones have the function to get activated if an arrow passes it or when a clone of yourself passes it once again (in case you died on the field of glory by an accident).

As an example: The selected Bow2 bot will trigger if the player enters the zone B
Uploading levels and creating challenges
After creating your level you might want to share it with the Steam community.
There for you only need to press the "upload level" button enter your name and description and hit "upload to workshop". You may also add a word how the commentators will describes your level.
But in order to upload it you first need to beat it.
Now everyone is able to play your level in endless mode.

But what is a single level compared to a whole challenge, right?
To create a challenge press "make challenge", this window will show up:

"Add level" will show all your created levels to choose from, you are even allowed to add the same level with other layers of enemies.

"Configure Upgrades" will let you (like it already says) configure the upgrades. The explanation is shown once you click it.

Again befor you are able to upload it you need to beat it first.
When you are satisfied with every setting, press "Publish to Workshop".
Now that you learned how to use the level editor, go and create your awesome looking levels.
Overun the Clone Drone with thousands of enemies.
Let it run through a parkour.
Try to kill it with spikes.
Let it swim in lava.

Be creative.

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miragesabourin 21 hours ago 
Started creating my first level today and I have to say the hardest thing for me right now is understanding the options for the moving platforms. Any chance you could delve a bit into how those function? The wording for the options is a bit ambiguous and I can't tell how to make the platforms move the way I plan, or if what I'm planning is even possible.
Captain Thore  [author] May 23 @ 12:30pm 
Not yet.
Archimedes #WeWantPubsBack May 23 @ 11:58am 
Can I select and move and copy multiple elements?
Dragonax May 22 @ 8:50am 
I was wondering, will there be an update that adds a grid or maybe even a snapping function? I would love to see that in order to made cleaner/more symmetric levels. Also if it's possible maybe make the xyz 0 coordinates center the object in the map. Love your teams work btw, it's full of enjoyment and a perfect amount of challenge. Keep it up :salt:
t3_lil_indians May 20 @ 6:25pm 
They need to allow players to turn the robots any direction they like
bribrobot  [developer] May 15 @ 10:02am 
Yes! Believe we're planning on adding that.
2quick4u May 15 @ 9:45am 
could you guys at doborog add a multi-select feature? so i could select multiple objects and copy and paste then much more easily? i think that would be cool :3
bribrobot  [developer] May 15 @ 8:47am 
You can now go back to the editor AFTER beating a level, but @Duck were you wondering about something different? Like going back WHILE playing?
Captain Thore  [author] May 13 @ 10:11am 
I haven't found any other options yet.
DUCK May 13 @ 9:57am 
Drag and drop triggerzone, press on the unit and select that triggerzone (they get a own "name")
Also is there more buttons?
Like for example going back to the editor when testing or such?